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Wind, rain, and cold

Well yes it’s May and despite it being a gloomy day I believe most people are ecstatic none the less.  Talking with you good food people this week the overall opinion is that with May coming the weather has to break.  It certainly hasn’t been the worst  April on record, but it has been one that tests your patience.  Rain, cold and windy with some beautiful days sprinkled in to tease us, seems to be a fitting description of April.  We’d like to optimistically say that on the farm we are if not ahead of schedule, definitely on track.  Plantings are going in quickly outside and additional space is be prepped.  Of the 250 lbs of seed potato we bought, (which seemed like a good idea in January then quickly became overwhelming thoughts like where are we gonna fit all these spuds) over 100lbs are already in the ground.  The big push to come is converting and planting the high tunnels(around 13 this year).  Tomatoes peppers and eggplant have been and continue to be re-potted for planting.  Turmeric and ginger are sprouting in the basement, cukes are in the ground at SLGNW and growing big in pots along side summer squash.  This year with the additional high tunnel space we’ll be stretching our legs a bit with large vining crops like melons it’s fair to say besides the amount of work we are setting ourselves up for, we too are ecstatic about the season.

Speaking of ecstatic this years garlic is looking particularly beautiful. Last week saw the all too important task of side dressing the garlic accomplished by three hard working female farmers in what seemed to be record time. Soon enough we’ll be offering up spring garlic, scapes and before you know it the real deal. This year nearly two thirds of the garlic planted is our very own “love garlic”. It’s tough to hold back 100 lbs or so in the fall when it’s been a staple at the markets since July. However, we do it for a reason and we’ve been planting more and more each year.

On the subject of more and more this week sees the return of the Madison Farmer’s market Fridays from 3-6. We’ve also added it as a pick up location on our store for all your preordering needs. In other housekeeping news we will no longer being taking paypal as a form of payment. In an attempt to stream line our record keeping we’ve made this decision, if it effects your ability to order reach out to us and we will figure something out. This may be the last week we are running the spinach sale as our fall and winter plantings grow up and the season changes. We’ll be doing our best though to keep you in the leafy greens as the weather warms

Happy May
Have a great week

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