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Perfect Timing

We have always prided ourselves as being a farm that is pushing the limits of each season. Known in many circles as the tomato or carrot scientist, David’s experience an love for experimentation has rounded out our honorary degrees to many more vegetables. That being said a point of pride at Star Light Gardens for the past four or five years now has been overwintered carrots. Planting in the fall for winter or spring harvest requires careful timing and yes a certain bit of luck. Carrots when planted in early November, well watered and sometimes sung to will sprout within a few weeks. If protected with low or high tunnels from the harshness of winter, generally they will be ready for harvest around Mother’s Day. Sweetened with the cold months, they are unlike anything else you’ve had and certain to make you dance with joy.

 Around the farm there is a different kind of joyful dance taking place.  There really is so much to be done the the different task dance around in our brain each one trying to make it’s importance and urgency more apparent.  We quite literally dance around the farm and through the rows cultivating, sowing seeds, harvesting, transplanting and if you’ve seen us at the markets on a busy day you probably know that dance well too.  A different kind of dance all together took place this past Friday as we were about to depart for the first Madison farmer’s market of the season.  Being rarely ahead of schedule as Joel started the big bad truck, to his horror a much bigger and badder sound was heard.  After a few minutes of trying again it was apparent our only choice was to try and fit the contents of the truck into  two smaller vehicles.  With the clock ticking we began to unload the veggies and plants.  The tetras style repacking commenced and you could only imagine the dance that ensued.  It’s always funny to get those little reminders of the old saying that to be a farmer you’ve got to be an optimist. 

Tragically our optimism for spinach much longer is not too high. We’ve ended the double bag sale for the spring, but are keeping optimistic for the fall or dare we say late summer. As the plant sale continues we encourage you to reach out with questions or request for something that may be sold out. Did you peep our new farm sign above? Stay tuned for the story and pictures of it’s counterpart.
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