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Sprinklers and Fences

I forget exactly where I heard it first but there is some saying to the effect of farming being 75 percent mending fences.  Now in years past I think we would have argued this to not be the case.  Despite the many break outs of Alice and Angelina.  Even still today our opinion lies somewhere around 25 percent fencing 25 percent irrigation 40 percent hard work and planning with the last 10 percent being blind luck.  What’s changed over the years basically 5 more sheep and a bunch of chickens, yet the overall heart and soul of the operation is very much Star Light.

We’ve had the opportunity and privilege to grow and learn with this beautiful piece of mother earth. As we care for her it becomes evident that she is the one caring for us. We strive towards a more holistic low disturbance approach to farming the land. Realizing that time and patience is key to such a transformation we’re filled with the enthusiasm of a young lamb about what the future holds.

   Looking to the immediate future this week is overflowing with the tasks of the season.  Prep, transplant, repot, harvest, there is no shortage of work.  This past week saw yet more kale, lettuce and the like added to the fields.  Also the first of this year’s plantings of swiss chard, potatoes and peas(actually it’s the second pea planting).  Around 180 tomato plants went in at SLGNW with more tomatoes and cucumbers to follow. 

   A fact of life and also farming is that generally things must end for others to begin.  So as we look forward to seeing all of our long lost friends of summer, we have to say goodbye, at least for now to others.  Hello tomatoes and cucumbers, goodbye spinach and claytonia.  Don’t worry for now we still have spinach but if you’ve enjoyed it this year, give a heart felt goodbye to claytonia.  Oh miner’s lettuce you sweet winter green we will miss you.

Have a great week

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