Official Merchandise

We found a great company, Bonfire, that will print items on-demand, which allows us to offer more styles, colors, designs and sizes than we could otherwise afford to buy in bulk. That’s right, Star Light Gardens hoodies, tank tops, tee-shirts, even in kids sizes! We ordered a few samples for ourselves and couldn’t be more pleased! The artwork is from the one of a kind market sign created by our co-founder Ty Zemelsky. This sign has been a staple of our market set up for years and the best part about it is the two unique sides. Beautiful in their own ways there’s no need to pick just one side, you can get a shirt in either or both designs! To continue to layer on the excitement 100% of the profits from the merchandise will go toward the Ty Zemelsky Rising Artist Scholarship Fund which was created in Ty’s memory to support young local artists.

It should be noted that you are not purchasing through us (though we will receive the profits). We purchased some ourselves as though we were customers, we found it very straight forward and received our shirts about a week later.