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Here comes the “Sun Angel”

Reading last week’s writing back this morning there is little to do but laugh and be glad we didn’t transplant all those beets, mustard, kales and choys. We moved them out of the nursery, prepped the ground, having all the intention to actually transplant them last Wednesday. Low and behold as I had my morning coffee and checked the weather my plans were literally frozen. With the low temps of tonight and last night, the facts had to be faced, there was no transplanting happening the first week of spring.

However, speaking on the first week of spring and the arrival of it’s harbingers, there was a sure sign of the season’s arrival. Despite last evening’s snow squall and temps in the 20s, here at Star Light our hearts are as warm as a lamb in a wool sweater. If you follow us on Instagram you may know but for those who don’t we would like to officially announce the newest addition to the Star Light Gardens family. Arriving in the early hours of the 23rd our sweet lamb Sun Angel.

Sunny as we have nicknamed her arrived a few weeks earlier then we expected but with the ease that only such an angel could enter the world. Showing up at Star Light North West for morning chores, Jen got her first glimpse of this sweet girl scurrying amongst the flock. Pictured with her is Momma Kenga. Despite being the most skittish of our new sheep, her motherly instincts are strong. The two are doing great needing practically no help from their human companions. Last night we fitted Sunny with an extra wool sweater to keep her warm for the cold night ahead.

Despite the cold on the farm our resolve to plant and transplant this week is strong. Though likely not until mid week. Also taking place this week is David’s birthday. Though he’ll be off celebrating during the week you could likely catch him this Saturday at the farmer’s market. Speaking of the Saturday market this week 4/2 the market moves back outside for the main season. This means opening an hour early from 9-1, hopefully not too many of us vendors will forget to set our alarms.

Stay Warm and enjoy your week

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