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The season is upon us

We know the one question that has been burning on everyone’s mind.  Have they gotten a chance to plant all those little baby beets, kales, choys and mustard’s that we’ve heard so much about?  And the answer is yes, Onions, kales, collards, beets, choys and lettuces now are taking up residence in our main fields.  With flowers soon to follow this morning.  Meanwhile the space outside the nursery, our little reminder of what needs to be transplanted this week.  It is once again full of the next round of transplants to go out.  And yes we are aware that the real transplanting question in most everyone’s mind is one simple word, tomatoes?  We are pleased to report that our first round of Jen’s grafted tomatoes will also be going into the ground today.  All of these things are great for their own obvious reasons, but the added benefit of transplanting this time of year is freeing up much needed space in the nursery.

As you can see real estate in Skye(the nursery) is at an all time premium in the spring.  One of the major reasons for this is the Spring plant sale.  We’ve been busy re-potting all the most cold hardy herbs and veg that you’ll find available on our website and at farmer’s markets this week.  We love that our customers are into growing food and it gives us pride to provide you with both the plants and food.  Is there something you really want to make sure you have in your garden this year?  Preordering is the best way to guarantee it.  Do you have questions about what varieties we will have or just a growing question?  Feel free to write or catch us at the markets.  We’re plant people and love talking about it.  In addition to plants now being available on the website other notable farm news includes opening day of the Durham Farmer’s market.

Open from 3-630 Thursdays, located right on the town green mere minutes from the farm, it’s our hometown market and it’s good to be back.  Pick up Thursdays at the Durham Farmers market is now a preordering option.

Have a great week

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