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Yup Spring

If the beautiful weather and time change of the past week hasn’t convinced you, the date will, Spring has arrived. It is a little funny how something you plan and dream about for months can sneak up on you, seemingly out of no where. Like many of you I’m sure the time change certainly came fast. It did for us, if you didn’t surmise this from last weeks lack of content. The past week had us firing on all cylinders, prepping and transplanting outside, uncovering low tunnels, pulling off row cover and yup back to plenty of 10 to 12 hour days.

The nursery is filled to the brim with tray after tray of things to be transplanted, re potted and turned into the season’s future food. From the basement and underneath the nursery table there are little shouts and strangely loud whispers. “Make room for me, I need more sun”, “re pot me I’m getting big”, “hey aren’t you supposed to start more of us?”. Our little plant friends pile up as a constant reminder of the pace and urgency of the season. First to brave the freshly prepped 2022 spring soil has been onions transplanted last week. Next come beets, bok choys, mustards, snow/snap peas and kales. We’ve moved them out of the nursery and into the open air, yes to harden them off, make room in the nursery but also as a constant reminder of what must get planted this week.

As you can imagine things are really starting to grow. The growth on the spinach and claytonia warms my heart, dear friends of cooler weather who will soon be “off” for the summer.

  Be sure to get them while you can. Mean while we walk the fine line of planting enough on time, yet not too much too early.  Yes, the long term forecast looks promising, with only a few nights in the 20s.  But we all know and as Prince said “sometimes it snows in April”.  With that in mind everyone transplanted outside will also have the protection of row cover and the makings of a low tunnel.  It feels really great to be planting outside in March and we’re pulling for a warm April to get things going nicely

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