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Cats in the Nursery

  There is a certain amount of panic which seems to always take hold just around this time of year.  The mind runs back and fourth asking have we started enough of that, or too much of this?  Should those have been stared earlier and did we rush in transplanting that?  As the main fields begin to literally Spring forth with life and there is barely enough room in the nursery for our piece of mind let alone the countless trays to be re-potted.  It’s hard not to feel the pressure of the season approaching.  With a few deep breaths, the courage that comes with morning coffee and the confidence in what we know this beautiful farm and it’s great crew can produce, panic is easily replaced with a joyful feeling like a child on Christmas morning.  Outside a true conversion is underway, uncovering areas that have been covered and prepped since the winter, or simply covered to control weeds and protect the soil.  Uncover, prep, seed, transplant, cover again, this is the mantra of the season.  There is and undeniable beauty to each season and spring is no different offering us those moments of “yup this is why we do it” feeling.  Signs of spring are all around insects like the dreaded flea beetle(more on that in the future) return,as well as cats that stay out all night remind us that the time is here.

Speaking of cats and of a great farm crew we have some hard working felines here at Star Light.  It’s hard to imagine as they nap all day long in the nursery, indulging in the large catnip plant as they please.  But they have made impressive headway in rodent control over the years and we love them.  Even if they do knock over the occasional tray in the nursery.  Over at Star Light North West we will be firing up the nursery this week, freeing up some much needed space here in Durham.  If things go according to schedule we should be firing up the furnace in the high tunnel named Mizuna(another one of our cats) at North West this weekend too.  With a massive tomato planting to happen not long after that.

On the subject of schedule the Durham Farmer’s market is back.  Opening day last week was a bit cold and wet however, this week promises to be very pleasant. Open from 3-630 Thursdays, located right on the town green mere minutes from the farm, it’s our hometown market and it’s good to be back.  Pick up Thursdays at the Durham Farmers market is now a preordering option.

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