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Refuse to Burnout

Despite the beautiful weather and the bounty of the season there does come an inherent risk with the month of August. It is a time of year where farms are firing on all cylinders. Between the weeding, the planting, the prepping and the daily harvest it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Let us not forget the relentless heat, times of year like this it’s easy to wonder if we will ever feel a cool breeze again. Looming in the background all the while is the fact that the planting schedule is reaching it’s end for the season and some things if not started soon won’t be around till 2023. Factor all of this in and consider the 12 hour days and 7 day work weeks and certainly you can see how August burn out is a real thing. You can see it in the weary faces of the farmers at the markets, you hear the moan in their voices as the bend to move another 20lb crate of produce, a slight limp or hand pressed firmly on ones back tell tales of the wear and tear faced by them each season. Adhering to a strict set of anti burnout principles many farms and farmers have insulated them selves from this inevitable time of year. We wish we could say the same for ourselves but alas this is not the case. With relatively new farmers and new and old land how can we not find ourselves going in all directions at once. We have given ourselves a few safety nets, at least one weekly run and swim midday, an ice cream break or two and giving in to the call of an afternoon nap when we can. One method overall is employed to fight the August feeling and that is just being plain old stubborn. Because after all if we don’t let something affect us we will be fine. Yes, this theory is not without it’s flaws and it is becoming quite obvious that in the coming years a better system of insulation to protect every farmer at Star Light Gardens will be needed. Farming is a labor of love but that doesn’t mean it must come at the sacrificing of our own self love So keep the season in mind when you’re visiting farms or markets and give those farmers you see each week a heartfelt thanks it may just be the fuel they need to get them over the hill that August can be.

August is more than just the season of bounty and burnout on the farm, it is also a season of change. We begin to look at each bed and high tunnel with a lens of fall and winter. Slowly ideas of which tunnels will be converted first and where we might overwinter carrots fill our heads. Soon we must begin to organize the row covers, plastic and hoops that will make our low tunnels, helping us extend the season a few weeks longer. And speaking of a few weeks longer you may have noticed our mention last week of the home delivery option. This will be the last month until further notice that will be offering home delivery. Our delivery people are moving on and though we are always happy for friends making changes we will miss them and it goes without saying that Wednesdays just won’t be the same. This week is also national farmer’s market week. Yes this is something that should be noted. However, for us with all the great customers that visit us each week at market or on farm, each week feels like national farmer’s market week. And that means more to us than you could know.

Thank you all for the support
Have a great week

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