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Hartley, Skye and the Great state of Vermont

We had beautiful weather in the forecast and coverage for the market. With all the pieces in place, the plans had been laid out and a picturesque wedding on the shores of Lake Champlain was in the future for a couple a farmers looking forward to break and time with loved ones. After all what could go wrong? Well as plans often do things fell thru. Without the market coverage we relied on it looked like a morning departure would be scrapped for an afternoon one. Sure we’d miss the ceremony but hey the reception will be going late. It was then that we were saved by those closest to us that you often count on first and that’s family. Whether or not you knew, it’s probably easy to assume that David is a Grandfather and a great one at that(great as in wonderful). And it was not one but two of his Grandsons who stepped in to save the day for Jen and Joel this past weekend. If you’ve been going to the market for years now you probably have met them as at least one often accompanied David even on the coldest of outdoor markets. If you didn’t quite recognize them I wouldn’t feel bad as young men is a better description now than Grand kids. They hit the ground running Saturday and it was as if they have been working the markets this whole time. Needless to say Jen and Joel were beyond thankful and though going to the market to setup and help with the early rush. Quickly realized everything was in more than capable hands and it was time to make the run up North. Overall the weekend had a magical feel to it that was very much Star Light Gardens. For us the farm is synonymous with family. An extended family coming in may forms, friends, relatives, fellow farmers and you the good food people. A quick trip away from home can be enough to rejuvenate the soul but also make one truly appreciate home and the extended family that comes with it.

Skye (left) and Hartley (right) working the Wooster square farmer’s market with David

Some members of this extended family that you may or may not be aware of are Susie and Tom. For years now they have been delivering to restaurants for us and patiently dealing with some behind schedule farmers in the process. It saddens us to say that 8/31/2022 will be their last day delivering for us. With this comes the end of our home delivery option. All other pick up options either on farm or at markets are business as usual. If you find yourself wondering besides wonderful delivery people, family and the Green Mountain State. What fills the heads and hearts of farmers at Star Light this time of year? Well it’s things like spinach, claytonia and what could have been. Mostly however and relating to the first two it’s light and the epic high tunnel turnover from summer to fall and winter. Still though the tomatoes and cucumbers call us to harvest so this tale will have to wait for another day.

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