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Cucumber Yoga

It may sound like a trend or perhaps some sort of drink but we assure you that’s it is nearly as literal as it sounds. Requiring our attention at least every other day it is a serious business that if taken lightly will leave you wondering why. Cucumbers can be a wonderful crop but are also prone to and the target of disease and insect pressure. The majority of the thin skinned cucumbers we are growing this year are an excellent variety we have been using for around 5 years now. The first early plantings seem to do particularly well and even more so if we allow them to sprawl out across the ground. Though this does present two main problems, less air circulation and harvesting without stomping on the vines. You see each injury to the vine is another avenue for disease to enter the plant. It is here that the squatting, stretching, balancing on one leg, reaching behind you and hoping from one place to another of cucumber yoga comes into play. Within the lush green canopy of cucumber leaves, small patches of bare ground are visible. With a laser focus and steady movements you slowly stretch to gain new footing. There are the wooden base boards and metal hoops of the tunnel, swinging from the hoops making your way down the boards all the while with a load of cukes getting heavier and heavier. We harvest into a pouch which straps to the front of us called a roosack. An excellent tool allowing use of both hands while carrying a lot of weight relatively comfortably. Inevitably there becomes a point where the roosack is too full but you just know you can grab one or two more cukes. You bend over to grab one, reaching and a few fall from the roosack. You reach to pick those up and yes a few more fall. You reach they fall, you reach they fall until finally you must admit defeat, it’s time to empty the roosack. Below you can see our cumber yoga mat. The picture is 6 weeks old or so and though not looking quite as strong they are still doing well.

Our greenhouse Mizuna and the cucumbers that were planted on the side of the tunnel in April.   By now they are climbing the white fencing in place to protect the tomatoes.
And if you couldn’t guess it another thing that is doing well around the farm is the Tomatoes.  The waterfall has officially begun and the only thing that might not be ready is well us.  That is having another daily harvesting task on top of cucumber yoga can seem daunting, luckily there are plenty of ripe, delicious, moral boosting treats for us along the way.  With August officially here(yes I am shocked too) the crunch is on to plant plant plant.  Broccoli, kale, chard, escarole, radicchio and over wintered onions are just a few of the things that are slated to be started, oh and how can we forget spinach.   It looks to be another hot and sunny week ahead.  We are certainly grateful for the bit of rain and clouds that today brings and you can be sure we will be transplanting many starts that are long over due.  Another thing of note that is fast approaching is the loss of our wonderful delivery people.  August is the last month we will be offering delivery until further notice.  That is about all for now, stay cool and hydrated.

Have a great week

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