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A bird in hand or four.

The current record on farm for chickens caught and held at one time is four. We found this out yesterday in the first of what is to be many great chicken migrations. Now considering Joel’s niece and nephew can catch and hold two each, perhaps a fully grown adult could do better. And I’m sure we’ll get the opportunity to try. In addition to a little clean up and prepping to plant squash most of yesterday was spent chasing down rouge birds and trying to find out how they escaped the high tunnel. We probably found the “last” spot they were getting out of nearly ten times. Our freshly sheered sheep on their other hand were very well behaved in their migration. Jen has dubbed Sunday fresh pasture day for them, with a goal of moving them around around the farm using movable electric fencing. It seemed to work well with Willy, Bo, Betty, Mama Kanga and Sun Angel peacefully grazing all day. That is until Jen headed back to Durham for the evening, with Joel staying to finish up a few things. That was their chance and all they needed was enough space between the fencing and the high tunnel for them to slip out. If you’ve never witnessed it first hand, we must tell you a farmer skipping around the farm at sunset in an attempt to lead a flock of sheep is quite the sight. So it’s safe to say that our new pasturing system is not without it’s flaws and certainly needs some work, however we should be getting plenty of cardio in the mean time. It may seem like a lot of extra work and leave one wondering why bother? But there is an overall objective beyond simply happy and well fed animals.

A more regenerative and closed loop system, one that benefits both grower and eater a like is what we strive for. SLGNW especially is i need of some extra care and attention. It has not received the 23 years of love, attention and soil building the Durham has. Sure, things at SLG aren’t perfect but the difference between the two is quite noticeable. Using load after load of compost, a low till approach, cover crops and the benefits of our animal friends, we look forward to drastically changing and improving our new land. With time and love our systems will improve(less chicken chasing) and we will be able to incorporate them on both locations.

One thing that is not different between both locations is that we are firing on all cylinders and the season is getting ready to kick off into full swing. We are back at all three markets, Durham, Madison and New Haven, with preorder available on farm our at any market. Next week our delivery folks will be vacationing and thus delivery will not be available. Every thing is the same for this week and we will remind you again in around 7 days. Until then eat well and stay safe.

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