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Republicans Have An Outstanding Imagination

I feel like we’re all on a rapidly moving boat down some river. In front of us, I can see that there is a major drop off , a falls of sort. The sound of the water hitting the rocks below is deafening. Spray and mist are everywhere. It seems that there’s no alternative but to go over the falls. And yet, I know that we, as citizens of this planet can avoid this terrible tumble. It is easy for me to get into that head when I look at the direction Republicans want to take us to. Biden is trying to make government work for the good of the people, where by McConnell and company only want to benefit very rich corporations . (I will concede that many Republicans voted for the Interstructure Package, but this is mostly because it was getting hard for them to keep turning their backs on how popular these bills are with a majority of the people.)

One of the most ominous directions that Republicans are taking us is their push to ban from public school the teaching of Critical Race Theory. This controversy is a pure fabrication of the Republican Party. It was started by Christopher Rufo, a guest on Tucker’s show and then lead to his visit to the former President at the White House. Neither he nor Trump know a twit about the subject-it just seemed like a good opportunity to stir up their followers even more.

A quick word about Critical Race Theory should be mentioned here. There’s a lot to unpack about it. It is a rich an complicated constellation of ideas. Most people, especially the former President and Christopher Rufo seem to know nothing and have twisted it to use to their own advantage,specifically to rile their base. Wickipedia sums up what it is in the following way: Critical race theory (CRT) is a body of legal scholarship and an academic movement of civil-rights scholars and activists in the United States who seek to critically examine the intersection of race and U.S. law and to challenge mainstream American liberal approaches to racial justice. CRT examines social, cultural, and legal issues primarily as they relate to race and racism in the United States.

If I am understanding Anti-CRT correctly, there’s a large concern that teaching this subject is designed to make white children feel bad about themselves and hold them responsible for things that have happened in the past. I support parents wish to help their children maintain a healthly self esteem. But this movement is utterly going in the wrong direction in thinking that suppressing the history of all People of Color (POC) will protect their children from a poor self image.

First of all, things that have happened in the past are not the responsibility of young people who weren’t even around when offenses against people of color were committed. Albert Einstein said it all eloquently in the following statement: If the majority knew of the root of this evil, then the road to its cure would not be long.

Knowledge gives us power-great power to change individually and as a people. However, Anti-CRT people either don’t want to look at how POC where treated for the past several hundred years or they don’t believe it was that bad. Frankly, not sure which one it is. I’m just wondering for you, if you were raising your kids in this society, would you like to skip over the history of how POC have been treated over the centuries? How would you explain the Civil War and the reasons that it was fought? It would be an impossible task without mentioning that it was legal at one point in our history for one group of people to own and control the lives of another group. The hole that would be missing in your children’s knowledge would be so vast that it staggers my imagination. The very real and sad fact is that the history of society’s treatment of POC is and will always remain an utterly abhorrent part of US history. I keep looking back at the wisdom of Albert Einstein on the subject. ‘…….then the road to its cure would not be long.”

Durham could expect a controversy to erupt over CRT. Probably at a Board of Education meeting or even thru Town Times letters. Both Guilford and Killingworth have had a brush with this, already. My hope is that the BOE will take these comments in stride and support the concept of teaching unobscured facts, allowing students to get an unobstructed view of past history.

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Just To Be Sure

I don’t wish good things for the former President. Probably some of the things that I wish upon him could be bad for my personal karma. I recognize all this, but still can’t help myself. Its just the way it is. Reminds me a little of how Huck in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn resigns to the fact that he’s just going to have to like people of color, and particularly the runaway slave that is holding space with him on a raft gently floating down the Mississippi River. Huck is faced with a big choice: either stand with Jim and help him or turn his back, hich woud lead to Jim’s recapture. He is unable to do anything but help him, in spite of all that he’s been taught about slaves his whole life. When he realizes that he’s going to help Jim, Huck recognizes that he might go to hell for helping a n—. “And if that means going to hell, so be it” (or something like that).

So, I find myself wishing the worst for him, even though I’m sure that such thoughts are bad for my health. And, I’m not alone in wishing bad things for him. When I’ve confide my thoughts to friends, all of them have had the same evil thoughts. How about you?

Trump is, in my opinion, a cheat, a liar, demonic, and a person of no empathy. Everything and everyone has been put on the earth to benefit him. And yet, he seems impervious to being brought down by the justice system. There was a moment when the arrest of his CFO, Allen Weiselberg looked like the moment he might get arrested, however Mr. Weiselberg would not flip on Trump. But now something new has come to light.

Former Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen gave scorching testimony this week, showing that the former President tried to get him to sign a letter stating that the election had been fraudulent and therefore the results should be overturned. Rosen’s second in command(Donoghue) was witness to these communications and took copious notes. According to these notes, Trump pressured Rosen on a daily basis to sign a statement that the election was seriously flawed. Isn’t this tampering with an election and illegal?

For myself, I want to see him go down. Politically, this probably won’t change anything. There’s plenty of baby Trumps sitting in the wings to take his place should he falter. Abbot from Texas or DeSantis from Florida to name two. But there needs to be justice. I don’t like the idea of these big guys knowing that they can get away with this stuff. Same for Cuomo in NY. Political leaders have got to stop believing that they are all powerful and can get away with anything. Democracy wasn’t meant to operate that way.

Meanwhile, our “Tomato Waterfall” has finally arrived for you. These toms have been babied and coddled thru a long and sometimes treacherous growing up period. They aren’t cheap and for good reason. A lot of work has gone into each and everyone of them. However, I will stand by my standard Star Light guarantee to you- If you don’t literally jump up in the air with delight after trying one these,we’ll give you your money back. They’re that good. And remember, you can’t eat like this in February.

Have a great week.


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If I Call These People Stupid, I’ll Get A Lot Of Flack

Does this happen to you? You’re talking to your friends, spouse, partner or sympathetic neighbor about how the world is doing and how it seems that people have just divided up strongly into two different camps. After a few back and fourths, one of you finally says ” How can these people be such idiots”or “They’re just stupid”. On face value, dismissing people because of their beliefs seems a bit harsh and judgemental. Most of us would like to believe that we’re rational beings, someone who looks carefully at any situation before taking a position on anything.

I’d like to think that I’m one of those people, but what comes out of the news these days has made “all bets off”. To me, it seems a fact that no matter what the cold hard facts are, that Republicans make up their own reality. To list but a few that seems irrafrutable would be that Trump won by a landslide, that actions by humans are not causing global warmng, that all the proposed new laws on the state level are meant to improve the voting system rather than repress the vote of POC and that the January 6th event was more like a tourist attraction and little or no harm was done to anyone. (5 people died and 140 police officers injured. Doesn’t sound like “a little” to me).

But this week something came to my attention that makes it hard not to call certain people idiots. As we all know, the pandemic has recently taken a big push upwards. The new cases have skyrocketed. Literally every new case is someone who hasn’t been vaccinated. Or to put it in the words of Dr. Rochelle Walensky, the Director of the CDC, this is a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.” Florida alone is responsible for 1 out of every 5 new cases. It should also be noted that Red States are the hot beds of this rise in numbers.

People who wish to remain unvaccinated are saying that its their body , so it should be their choice. Are they, therefore defending Roe V Wade?! A philosophical question is, should people be legally required to be vaccinated? It seems to me that by making the choice to remain unvaccinated that they’re choosing to endanger other unvaccinated people , including their young children. That can”t be morally right, right?

I can’t help myself but to conclude that these people are not using their brains. Tell me what you think.

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Tucker Carlson Is Far From Being Your Friend

My observation is that Republicans (the big ones: Mitch M), Matt Gaetz, the crazy one from Georgia-Marjorie Taylor Green) all lie. They also believe in the Big Lie. Let me count the ways. Mitch McConnell performed such voodoo in regards to the nomination process in between Merrick Garland and all of the Trump Cadets that he managed to squeeze thru the voting process. Matt Gaetz lies about is relationship with under aged woman and still manages to hold onto his seat. And MTG? She is just plain crazy right down to the end of her toes. They all believe The Big Lie, and they all insist that the election was stolen from DJT. And most disturbing is that they depend on Tucker Carlson to help spread utter lies and deceit. The more loudly and insistently you say something, the more likely it is that people will believe what you’re saying. In this case, any thing that looks like white people are going to lose power because POC have the vote or a strong voice- they feel and act threatened. This has been going on for a long long time. The act is insidious and has been seen over and over again. After the Civil War there was a huge surge in black voters in the South which resulted in many representatives. In Georgia, in 1868, if you can believe this, there were 33 new Black Representatives. Feeling threaten, the white members of the House, voted to expel them all on the grounds of incompetence.

I could go on, but then I’d lose track of Tucker. You know, the guy on Fox ,who probably pulls in $47million for just lying to the public. The main point is the example above, which takes place immediately after the Civil War was just the precursor of so many ways to keep POC away from money , power, a sense of decency and the vote. The historic Voting Act of 1965 helped restore so many rights for POC, only to be pulled away in 2013 by Chief Justice Roberts et all. So along comes a guy, Christopher Rufo, who literally ignites a movement who’s soul aim is to make sure that white people do not EVER look closely at the history of how non white people have been oppressed for hundreds of years. He gets a spot on Tucker’s show and implores DJT to take up his cause, which in fact he does. The reality is that Critical Race Theory is an academic exploration of how POC have been systematically taken out of the realm of great economic and freedom opportunities. Its a study. Is anyone out there going to say that the thumb of society has not placed itself heavily on this segment of our population? Anyone? Its not about making our children feel bad or responsible for the horrible things that have happened in the past. No, it is just making sure that we understand what really happened. Our children need to understand what awful things were done in the past in order to insure that they do not repeat any of this themselves.

And that’ my big gripe with Tucker. He’s rather hide behind an anti-Critical Race Theory rock and insist that he’s protecting our children’s self esteem. He is not a stupid person. He knows what he knows, but chooses to lie. I’ve no use for him except to help point out how dangerous bad people in the media are.

When friends tell you how glad they are that they aren’t teaching Critical Race Theory in our schools because they don’t want their children to have low self esteem, you could remind them that CRT is not about feeling guilty-its about learning the truth. And the truth is not pretty, and we need to understand in order for there to be any going forward.

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What Did You Learn In School Today, Dear Little Boy Of Mine

It seems to me that issues have been the same damn thing forever. Last week, there was several articles about how states are outlawing Critical Race Theory because they were trying to avoid having white children feel bad about themselves. Who’s going to argue with that? Of course, the picture is so much different than what the law makers are trying to convince people is the truth. First of all, Critical Race Theory is NOT being taught here in town or anywhere for that matter in the public school. In a word Critical Race Theory ‘s goal is to challenge the popular notion that racial justice is here already and that the law upholds such notions. Well, I could go further, but you get the idea. But the Tucker Carlson’s of the world are trying to convince people that Critical Race Theory main goal is to force white students into thinking that they are bad and responsible for the current status quo as far as racism goes. There’s so much wrong with this position that its hard to know where to start. Let’s start with the wonderment-do we not teach our children that one group (whites) enslaved another group (POC) for hundreds of years, denying them their humanhood, future financial assets and dignity (to name but a small sample)? Or do we just gloss over the massacres of Tulsa, Rosewood, Elaine , to name but a few of a long and shameful list, an pretend they didn’t happen? Or Redlining, the insidious plan to deny real estate to African Americans after WW2? To say the very least, these are terrible, unconsciounable events. But to omit them from our knowledge base because it might make our white children feel bad about themselves…??? That’s just not the way it works. Your 12 year old son or daughter is as much responsible for these deeds as your family pet. However, these children desperately need to be equipped with the history of this country that includes terrible things that white people did to POC. Education, sound judgements and opinions are based on knowing real facts not “Tucker Carlson Facts”. This is what we owe to our children.

I started this letter with a reference to a folk song that I grew up with. Lyrics are by Tom Paxton. Almost 60 year years ago, I would hear this song sung beautifully by Pete Seeger. The issues are the same now as then. And perhaps that’s why I feel that what goes around comes around. Please spend a moment reading the entire song below. I hope that you agree with me that our education system should help our children see and experience the truth rather than limit what they can know about.

Here’s the whole song:

“What Did You Learn In School Today?”

What did you learn in school today,
Dear little boy of mine?
What did you learn in school today,
Dear little boy of mine?

I learned that Washington never told a lie,
I learned that soldiers seldom die,
I learned that everybody’s free,
And that’s what the teacher said to me,
And that’s what I learned in school today,
that’s what I learned in school.

What did you learn in school today,
Dear little boy of mine?
What did you learn in school today,
Dear little boy of mine?

I learned the policemen are my friends,
I learned that justice never ends,
I learned that murderers pay for their crimes,
Even if we make a mistake sometimes,
And that’s what I learned in school today,
That’s what I learned in school

What did you learn in school today,
Dear little boy of mine?
What did you learn in school today,
Dear little boy of mine?

I learned that war is not so bad,
I learned about the great once we had had.
We fought in Germany and in France
And some day I might get my chance.
And that’s what I learned in school today,
That’s what I learned in school

What did you learn in school today,
Dear little boy of mine?
What did you learn in school today,
Dear little boy of mine?

I learned our government must be strong;
It’s always right and never wrong!
Our leaders are the finest men
And we elect them again and again,
And that’s what I learned in school today,
That’s what I learned in school.

Words by Tom Paxton

To all of you I wish a peaceful start to Summer and that its full of all the magic you might be hoping for.



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Garlic Scape Pea Tendril Pesto

After years of hearing customers at the markets rave about Garlic Scape Pesto, we finally made some and it totally lived up to all the hype! Even Joel, who is famously anti-pesto wanted seconds.

Garlic Scapes are the flowers of the garlic plants, they start growing in an upwards direction but quickly take a nose dive then back up and back down until someone notices them . Once the scapes start making their loopyloops we start walking up and down each of the garlic rows pulling them out. One, because we want to eat them. But mostly because we want to trick the garlic bulb into growing more. We planted over 110 pounds of garlic last fall, so needless to say we have A LOT of scapes.

I found a recipe from and adapted it to fit the ingredients we had available. Here is what they called for:

  • 1 Bunch of Garlic Scapes (10-12 roughly chopped)
  • 1/2 Bag of Pea Tendrils (3 ozs)
  • 1 Bunch of Basil
  • 1/2 Cup of Olive Oil
  • 1/2 Cup Walnuts
  • 1/2 Cup Parmesan

We didn’t have any other nuts besides peanut butter and cheese besides cheddar so I went for it and was not disappointed. I also added juice from half a lemon. Throw all those ingredients in a food processor or immersion blender and voila!

To make it vegan, use nutritional yeast. And to make it nut-free use sunflower seeds/butter.

So far I have enjoyed the Pesto on pasta, scrambled eggs, crackers, salad and toast! So, basically everything I’ve eaten since I made it last night.

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It Can’t Happen Here

Sinclair Lewis, in 1935 wrote a dystopian novel about a want to be American dictator who rises to power much like Adolf Hitler did in Germany. There’s been much written about the threat to democracy lately and for good reason. I’d like to reference a recent article in The New Yorker by Susan Glasser. Here’s the link. I don’t actually know if you’ll be able to view it if not a subscriber, but I think you can.

In Hitler’s rise to power, we see many people warning others of the danger that Germany was going in. It did not help. In the end, millions of German citizens embraced all of Hitler’s heinous notions of how the world should evolve from here on in. Many of his assertions, particularly the concept that Jewish people are inferior to the Ayrian race was just a statement. There was no proof behind any of it. But Hitler understood the power of suggestion and the weak spots in the German citizenry and was able to mobilize and create a threat to world democracy never seen before in history.

Now, today in America we see every day a total departure from reality. How do I list the ways. The election was stolen from Trump. He’s going to go back to the White House and become President in August. The January 6th attack on the Capitol was merely a bunch of tourist and there’s no reason (according to Mitch) to scrutinize the event. It would serve no purpose.

And now the ex President is attacking vigorously Anthony Fauci and trying to vilify him. That right there should set up warning bells for all of us. Dr. Fauci has worked endlessly and tirelessly through out the pandemic. Further, Dr. Fauci has stuck to real science-a subject that every Republican should go back to revisit. It doesn’t matter what the subject or concept that you want to push on the American people, if you’ve got the platform (and DJT surely does) then you can get anyone to think almost anything. There’s going to be a long list of Republicans who get on the anti-Fauci Bandwagon

And that’s where we are. Republicans are insisting that the Dems are Socialist, ignore science in general, doing everything that they can think of suppress the POC vote because they know that they don’t have the real votes, so they’re going to figure out ways make the vote work for them. And remember, inspite of the insistence that voter fraud is robust from Republicans, there has been not one shred of credible evidence to show this to be true.

And one last thing, it was shown today that DJT tried to use the Department of Justice to overturn the 2020 national election. The DOJ is suppose to be an independent arm of government and should not have to answer to the President. That is one of the strong ways to help keep democracy strong.

I know now, that everyone that reads what I’m thinking is somewhat closely aligned with what I’m saying. There was a time, when I’d be loosing 5-10 people a week. These are people who’d rather do without great food (or get it from another farmer, who’s not so vocal!) rather than hear an opinion. But everyone, the warning flags are out there-everywhere. Democracy is on the line. If you don’t believe it, than you’re not paying close enough attention. And I mean that in a friendly way. Please, if you don’t agree with that, look again.

Have a great week. Star Light is shining day and night. We feel lucky to help feed you



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Tomato Pruning Refresher

It’s Tomato Jungle Season around here now. We figured this would be a good time to give some quick tips on pruning your tomato plants so you get the most out of them. Pruning will increase airflow, giving leaves and fruit more room to breath. Most importantly, it allows the plants to concentrate their energy on creating bigger, better tomatoes!

All of the plants we plant and sell are indeterminate, this means they will grow as tall as they possibly can. So, some sort of support is necessary. We hang strings from the top of the hoop houses, but a tomato cage or stake would work fine too. Next we train the plants down to two to four main leaders. These are like the brain of the plant. To determine the leaders we look for the ones that are the thickest, and have the most well established blossoms. Once the leaders are chosen, the rest are suckers. Suckers grow from the armpit of the leaders. See picture below.

Suckers get their bad rep because they can suck the energy out of the plant. If left unkempt, tomato plants could have many,many leaders but still a limited amount of energy to produce fruit. By removing suckers the tomato plant only has to focus on a few leaders and their fruits. This results in large fruits and yields.

Once you’ve decided on the leaders and have removed the suckers, make sure to also clean up the bottom of the plant. We like to remove the bottom 4 inches or so of foliage so the plants have more airflow and there is less room for disease.


There is a ton of information out there on tomato pruning. And of course, feel free to reach out to us with any questions! Happy Gardening!

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There’s Only One Way To Say It: Republican’s Are Hypocrites

I don’t like having to write the words above, but the the truth of this is unescapable. Most of our republican representatives and senators have had to retreat from previous positions about Number 45 in order to protect their seats. On January 6th of this year, one of the most scary attacks on our democracy took place. It would seem that we are left with countless questions about his role in what happened. Numerous people arrested that day are going to use the defensive that they were just following orders from their president. And, this might just get them off, too! One of the most intriguing questions that need to be answered is what conversation took place between Rep. McCarthy and 45. There seems to be little doubt that McCarthy begged the president to go on the media and tell all these people to go home. Trump’s response apparently, was something to the effect that “well Kevin, these people seem to care a lot more about the results of the election than you do.” Not the exact quote, but close enough. After that, we’d just have to find out from the representative himself-under oath. But that looks like it will never happen because there probably won’t be enough republicans in the senate to over ride the filibuster rule so that a motion to have a January 6th Commission will never happen. How could a group such as the republicans want to turn their backs on a full disclosure of the events that day? I guess that the answer is simple-the truth will not look good for them. I.E.-going to lose my job. There were many many senators, including Mitch McConnell who did not vote to impeach #45 because they wished to have a commission look at all this in an unbiased manner. Here’s what Representative McCarthy said at the time of the impeach vote:  “I believe impeaching the president in such a short time frame would be a mistake,” said McCarthy. “No investigations have been completed. No hearings have been held….” Where did that position disappear, too?

Republicans are creating an alt universe around this day. For example, Representative Andrew Clyde (R- GA) now refers to January 6th as a “normal tourist visit” but there is also some footage of him frantically screaming and barricading doors to the House gallery. What gives? Representative Ralph Norman (R-SC) actually , inspite of the fact that the protestors were wearing both Trump and MAGA hats, questioned whether they were Trump supporters. Representative Ron Johnson (R-WI) declared the whole thing largely a “peaceful protest”. What do you make of all this? I call it hypocrisy. These legislatures are trying to hid the real truth from you and me and in the process of doing this are creating an alt universe. A universe that stands a good chance of being embraced by enough people to make it stick.

And of course there’s the recount in Maricopa County, Arizona. These ballots have already been counted numerous times and approved by the Republican run legislature . Plus, in case you haven’t already heard, the organization that is doing the recount is incompetent. Look at their name for starters-  Cyber Ninjas. This “recount” is just one more effort to put in doubt an undispuptable fact- Joe Biden won the election and there has never been any evidence of voter fraud.

So, for myself, I am overwrought with the real feeling that republicans are going to keep throwing lies and voter suppression laws at us. And while the majority of the people are not with the party, because of their strangle hold on both courts and the judiciary , that they will have their way. And, as I’ve mentioned before part of “having their way” is to make sure that POC will not have a chance to attain equity in this country until we’re done with this way of doing things. So, I’m making an offer to anyone who believes the republicans aren’t the way I’ve described them. This offer won’t change the world, but it will help me understand how people thinking this way are thinking. Here’s the deal (to paraphrase Joe). If you believe that the republicans are not hypocrites about the potential January 6th Commission -i’m offering you FREE bok choi for the rest of the growing season. In return, you’ll agree to have a civilized, rational conversation with me , so I can understand your point of view. Might be two conversations-we’ll see. We’ll see what shakes out.

In the meantime, just know that we’re having an amazing season. A great crew and lots of help from the wind , rain and the sun.



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It’s Blatantly Simple-But Really Hard To Get Rid Of

Lately, the world seems very easy to explain. White men have , for hundreds of years, done everything that they can to keep POC from owning, benefiting from or enjoying what our society has to offer. At first, they blocked the way by thinking that they owned African Americans. That they are merely possessions, and thought of as sub human. When slavery ended, Southern White land owners had several methods to keep African Americans from benefiting from the system. Because these whites saw a danger from the black vote, whereby African Americans could help improve schools,, roads, and medical infa-structure – they invented the Jim Crow laws that kept most if not all POC from being able to vote. Additionally, the KKK was used as a scare and intimidation tactic. Dressed in white robes and evoking the ghost of dead confederate soldiers, it caused a continuation of the trauma that African Americans had already suffered for the past 400 years. And as a side note here, it is essential to point out that trauma such as this is passed on from generation to generation. In other words, it is true that a modern day African American man or woman has “inherited” the trauma that their ancestors suffered previously. But back to the Jim Crow era, it was obvious that white people (mostly men, I would assume) did not want “their” money being spent to improve the lives of this whole class of people who’s lives have already been limited by the power of these men.

Tracing this behavior to later years, we already know a lot. During the world wars, African American served fiercely in defending the country, however this was only rewarded with “Red lining”. Red lining was an insidious system that prevented everyone except whites from enjoying the benefits of home ownership. It helped create whole areas of cities and towns that were just off limit to POC. Additionally, loans were close to impossible to get unless one was white. Again, a “legal” effort to prevent African American people to gain material assets.

In reality, whole books have been written on this subject, so I don’t pretend to be able to get it all down. However, one last thing. Red lining, lead to making specific areas of a city into zones of intolerable air quality-air that could shorten or hamper the lives of those that lived in these areas. This would be in the form of power plants or perhaps meat processing. Asthma is, sadly, all to common in these areas. And length of lives is statistically much shorter. This is yet another way that the racist system works to keep the wealth with whites.

Ok. I know I said one last thing but sorry, this also needs to be said. How often do you hear people complain about “welfare queens”? Do these people not realize that welfare is no easy ride? With real affordable daycare and decent well paying jobs many of these woman would gratefully look at these alternatives. And besides, there are more white “welfare queens”, anyway.

But lets switch gear and talk carrots. Yes, I know that I hyped them last week, but since then I’ve had carrots almost every day of the week. As a result, my mind is sharper, more witty and also my memory has vastly improved. Its hard to believe that just one week could bring up such a change and yet…. So, its not like we’re going to run out of carrots shortly, its just that these carrots have benefited from wintering over, having been planted last November. The biggest benefit would be their memorable sweet flavor. Its also true that we’re (as far as I know. So tell me, if I”m wrong), the only farm offering fresh carrots at this time. Just saying…..

For those who’ve asked- my recovery has been only positive. Jen and Joel have run the farm with little if any help from me. Occasionally, Joel will ask me a question about something, but largely, I think that’s just to make me feel wanted. Good move, Joel.

Our farm flourishes. Just a quick look around and one can see the benefits of these two very hard working farmers. Thank you, both.