Community Sustained Agriculture

A CSA is a way for you to support local farmers by purchasing upfront a share of the upcoming harvest. The farmers put your money to work immediately, all in preparation for the delicious season to come. A CSA is a way for you to demonstrate and support your belief in healthy food, local and small businesses, and sustainable agriculture.

How it Works

We have transitioned to a new CSA model. 2020 was the first year that we offered our new Star Light Gardens Market Card. It was a great success. Customers very much enjoyed the flexibility of this new model.

You choose the amount you’d like to preload on to your new Market Card, which acts as credit to be used throughout the season. You can use this credit as you wish at any of our Farmers Markets or at our Farm Stand.

Getting Started

First you pick the amount you’d like to initially load on your card. Starting at $100 and up to $500.

Then send us a check for that amount and we will create a Market Card for you with an additional 5%-20%, the more you preload the more money you get back.

After that you use your new Market Card like a gift card while you are shopping at the markets or at our farm stand. This way you can be flexible, there is no limit to each weekly purchase and you get only the produce that you want. We will keep track of your balance for you and notify you when you are running low so you can reload if you’d like. 

The Nitty-Gritty

You have 6 months to use your credit, and the card is reloadable so you can use your credit 12 months of the year. 

1st time customers can start their CSA at $100. If you like it and would like to reload your credit the minimum is $200

  • $100 = $105
  • $200 = $215
  • $300= $330
  • $400= $450
  • $500 =$575

We do not offer refunds for money not used within the 6 month window, but try to be flexible with customers, especially those who order regularly.

Join Our Community

Open Enrollment for 2022 CSA

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