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Heat and Ladders

Gone as fast as it approached another May is nearly in the rear view mirror. Like it or not Summer is almost here and with temps reaching the 90’s today, there will be no denying it. For most people it’s things like parades, pools opening and bbqs that signal the start of summer. For us it’s things like the arrival of flea beetles, the first cucumber, weeds growing faster than anything else and oh yes being vicariously perched on top of a ladder hanging strings and wires for tomatoes. It’s not for the faint of heart or those without good balance, but it is a necessary part to a good harvest. We grow indeterminate varieties of tomatoes which will continue to grow as opposed to reaching a height then stopping. We take advantage of this by training them up strings hung from a wire strung across the high tunnel’s bracing. Each year we must hang the strings and at SLGNW we have also had to put up the wire. These backbone elements to the delicate process of trimming and trellising tomatoes are time consuming and yes mildly risky. We would be lying to say that we’ve not benefited from someone close by to put the ladder back in place as you dangle from above. There have even been a few well executed rolling dismounts. Witnessed only by the dis-mounter, they unfortunately exist only in farm lore. Whether we are setting the strings, trimming the plants or the one stuck weeding carrots. As the bare strings are replaced by fast growing plants and the tomato jungle begins to reform we all know summer is nearly at hand.

Speaking of hands we are toying with the idea of some volunteer days here on the farm. We’re thinking a large task that can accommodate a group(no not weeding carrots), perhaps the garlic harvest. Other ideas like a pizza night have surfaced so think about it and let us know what your thoughts. Other farm news includes squash and cucumber plants that are looking beautiful and with any luck in the coming weeks occupying a lot of our time with their harvest. Fresh back from vacation, tan and well rested is our wonderful delivery people. They’re back this week and so is delivery for Wednesday. Everything else is business as usual. June also signals the winding down of our plant sale Stock is running low so be sure to reach out if there is something you are looking for but don’t see online. We look forward to seeing you all and getting you some good food, until then stay hydrated

Have a great week

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