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Garlic Scape Dreamin

As the delicate flower of the Garlic plant begins to show up two things become certain. One that the next week or two we will have to diligently march through the rows plucking each scape when it begins to curl. Two that there is likely way more to get done than we have time for and many of ambitious winter and spring dreams will have to be put on the back burner. As difficult as it can be keeping perspective on the overall picture is key. The idea that you can’t get everything done in one day but can get the most important things done properly is one that will serve the farmer well as the summer heats up. As menial of a task as it may seem pulling the garlic scapes is key to a beautiful large bulb. The plant otherwise would be focusing it’s energy on flowering and spreading seed. The time saved not pulling the scape is surly lost with a poor yield. Today’s tasks echo a similar tone, setting up proper irrigation, some key mowing, covering soon to be replanted beds and necessary cleaning and organization beat out others. When things first became official at SLGNW, the list of ambitious first year dreams was long enough that we’ve more than likely forgot a thing or two. And though many things have been moved to the back burner we are staying true to doing things right and creating the more holistic closed loop system we dream of. We are learning how to manage two properties, the animals, more production, different soil, an excellent crew and ourselves. Seeing how fast the chickens can clear a space and the time management aspect of that space being now 90 to 120 days off from any harvest has serious benefits. Also seeing how slowly the sheep can can be at clearing a field of grass has us thinking are 5 sheep enough? And yes we should probably get more chickens.

Something you won’t see more of this year is newly potted garden starts for the plant sale. We are winding down for the year, with some farmers declaring they are done with starts for the year. While others still hold out hope. Over all we are of the opinion that we’ve done a better job of planting close to enough and not way too much. In other farm news the first sungold has appeared and the first cucumber harvest commenced. It should please all to hear that the high tunnels and fields are filling up fast, with nearly 300 tomatoes and cukes going in this past Friday alone. At this rate whomever is responsible for starting the next successions will be behind if they don’t get moving(speaking of those important things). Hopefully this cool start to a hot day can help us all prioritize and be okay letting a thing or two stay warm on the back burner.

Have a great week

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