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Garlic, Tomatoes and the Struggle

There isn’t really a way to beat around the bush(or weeds as the case may be)when it comes to this time of year. If you’re lucky enough to be catching your breath from the spring, you still have so much summer work to do and of course our old friend fall is right around the corner. The weeds are growing faster than we can pull them and understandably a few things must fall to the wayside.

So in an effort to not beat around the weeds we are keeping this weeks farm update on the shorter and sweeter side. As you can surely gather there is a lot going on. Some of the biggest news you’ve heard last week. We’re back on track(or tractor) and the coolers are cold. This years Garlic crop is about half way harvested and looking beautiful. With vacations leaving us a little short handed, it may just be J and J pulling up the last of this year’s Love Garlic. But there something romantically fitting to that. The sheep have been putting in work in our late carrot high tunnel. We had hoped to accompany them with the chickens but predator pressure is forcing us to keep things a little more locked down than usual.

But lets stop beating around the weedy bush, after all it is summer and the Good Food People want tomatoes. Both heirlooms and cherry tomatoes are available to preorder this week for all your sandwiches, salsas, salads or whatever else you want to make. Another newer item available for preorder is bread from Sweet Sage Bakery, if you haven’t had it and like bread there is only one question you should be asking yourself. Pick up Friday only orders due by noon Wednesday.

One last shout out, an instance of last but certainly not least. That is to all of our hard working farm crew and market help. These hot summers are in themselves a lot to deal with. When taking into account the unpredictable weather patterns it really puts context to the phrase the “struggle is real”. With a strong and capable crew backing us up, helping to hold everything down and keeping smiles on their faces the whole time, the struggle is not only manageable but at times not a struggle at all. Thanks to Ben, Lindsay, Sam and Zoe for all you do on and off farm. And of course thanks to Emily and David (and Sam) for making this market season great for both SLG and the Good Food People.

It’s difficult while writing this not to realize just how fortunate we are here at Star Light. There are a lot of farms not only north of us but here in CT that have been devastated by the recent turbulent weather. Our hearts and tears go out to all our fellow growers who have been effected. We encourage you all to support any struggling farms you can at this time, this Good Food Movement is a powerful community, thank you all so much for that.

Have a great week

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