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Farmers and the sheep

Without doing the research, it’s more than likely that our summer writings are shorter than all the others. There is just so much going on this time of year. It can be difficult to wrap your head around all that needs to be done in a day, let alone find the time to pen a thoughtful note. To paraphrase two mentor farmers that should remain nameless, this time of year there are a lot of balls up in the air and it’s all about good systems and methods. Well we certainly have plenty of balls in the air. And though still evolving our systems are growing each day full of the unique beauty that is Star Light Gardens.

It looks to be a beautiful and hot summer week ahead. From a work perspective this means two major things great weather for weeding and tougher weather for seeding and transplanting. Both of which are on the agenda for today. Luckily we employ a helpful tool called shade cloth which is exactly as it sounds. Essentially, the summer cousin to the row cover we employ in the winter for protection from the cold. A woven mesh of various shade percentages we drape of the new plantings to keep them cool and moist from the hot sun. Other farm happenings this week include another round of wire and string hanging in addition to a vet appointment for Kanga one of our sheep. The 2 smaller of her 4 horns are growing in such a way that we fear they will begin to grow dangerously close to her eyes. Though we don’t have the experience know how this would play out over time, we do know that it is making us nervous and we’re calling in the professionals.

Speaking of professional our garlic is reaching that point where we are ready to harvest it. Traditionally we choose the 16th of July as the start of the great garlic harvest. This year is shaping up to be no different give or take a few days. Interested in helping out, reach out to us and we can coordinate schedules. CSA members remember to keep an eye on your balance as it begins to run low. We appreciate every saved minute especially this time of year and it does save us a few if you reach out to us first. Your balance is in the email receipt you get when we process your transaction, or we can tell you at market when you shop. Remember you can reload anytime of year, with any amount 200 and up. Curious to find out more about our CSA? Click the link below or reach out. And to all of our wonderful customers CSA or not we say thank you. We hope you’re enjoying the bounty of the seasons and know that without you none of this is possible.

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