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Talented Beach Goers

It can be hard to pry ourselves away from the farm this time of year, with so much all going on at once and only so many hours in the day. But every year for the past 5 years now, Jen and Joel sneak away at least once(hopefully more this year). Heading out around 3 they hop in the car with their trusty farm dog Sid, heading straight to the beautiful beaches of RI. Arriving at the beach as the day cools off and when beach goers can bring their dogs. The first trip each year is in celebration of their shared birthday week(a great excuse to leave work early). After this first trip each July they find themselves exclaiming how they must cram at least a few more outings into the summer. A little self care can go a long way and its worth making extra time for it. Meanwhile back in Durham another annual tradition was taking place, the 4th annual Fowler Ave talent show. Featuring a star studded cast of talent, including none other than the Tomato Scientist himself, acts come from as far as Cherry lane to participate. Talents ranging from all skill levels and walks of life are encouraged, we are now open for 2023 submissions, inquire at the markets.

Yet another annual tradition will also be taking place this week on the farm itself, “The Great Garlic Harvest”.  I know what you’re thinking Is it great in magnitude, in excitement, is the garlic itself great.  There answer to all of these is yes.  Slated for Tuesday this week it promises to be quite the affair, interested in seeing it for yourself, there is still time to join.  We brought some fresh garlic to the markets last week and the bulbs are looking beautiful.  In addition to the GGH, the week is certainly looking like summer should on a farm hot, dirty and busy.  Plant, transplant, prep, harvest and we can’t forget about the weeds(well they never let us forget).  Speaking of not forgetting we are changing the cutoff time for Wednesday pick up.  The time is going from 8am to 6am Wednesday.  This is to accommodate the fact that we are in the fields earlier and need an accurate harvest list before we head out. 

We hope you all are getting a chance to give yourselves a bit of self care this summer too.

Have a great week

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