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Cover Up

There comes a time each season(well at least once), where we must simply face the truth of what is to come. We can talk a big game about how we are ready. Have all the row cover in place and the plastic laid out. Yes the most fragile irrigation is disconnected and stored away, but the truth of it is until the temps actually get into that hard freeze range. Until you actually have to lay down all the plastic and row cover. Move all those sand bags into place. Drain and roll up all the hose. Even to the point where we actually will have to close each house and cover inside. It is until that point where we are in a way still riding the wave that is summer’s easy living. Have no delusions about it that time has come. With lows tonight around 25 it’s time to face the facts, so I’ll assume you can guess what we’ll be up to today. Yup cover it all up and then sum.

We still have an abundant mix in the fields choys, mustard, kales, lettuce, radish, turnip, beets and carrots. We’ll be double covering to protect as best we can from the night’s lows. The cold weather landscape of the fields is really taking shape with our 5 rows of overwintered carrots now in place. It really is amazing what one can accomplish with low tunnels in a cold climate. It is not for the faint of heart or back for that matter though. Almost daily rituals of covering and uncovering, or repairing tunnels opened by the wind can be daunting. Its almost certainly a requirement that one has the ability to laugh at themselves, because after the 5th or 6th slip on the plastic of the day. A sense of humor is one of the few comforts you can cling to. All of this extra protection in the fields not only benefits us by extending the growing season. Continued growth and protection from the elements allows soil life the opportunity to thrive more than they would without it. Covering also prevents erosion and allows for a warmer and drier spot early in the spring. Just another opportunity for us to extend the season on both ends.

Speaking of seasons, we are coming to the end of the 2022 market season.  This coming Friday is the last Madison Farmers Market of the year.  We want to send out a big thanks to all of the customers as well as the market staff.  Thank you so much for a great 2022 season.  As for Cityseed New Haven this Saturday is the last market of November, with three more in December to finish off the year.  Next week there will be no markets.  We will be doing on Farm pick up only on Tuesday 11/22 after 5pm.  In addition to this ordering will be open from Sunday morning until Monday at 5pm.   Keep a look out for a Sunday reminder.

Have a great week

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