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Thanks Dad

Some People call him the tomato scientist, to others he’s simply King of the Carrot, some call him Dave but to us it’s always David(or Star Light Dave as he’s saved in our contacts) It’s hard to say exactly where we would be now had we not come across David many years ago. Substitute teaching, bussing tables, working in an office or heaven forbid on another farm. No matter how you slice it we would not be in the position we are to be filling peoples hearts and bellies with all the love and food that comes out of Star Light Gardens. For this and countless other things we are so grateful. His patience, understanding, and huge heart has be integral in the coming of age story of a couple of new farmers. He is the friend you always needed and to us some wonderful mix of best friend and Dad.

David’s openness to our growth as farmers, his love of good food and a healthy planet, his joy in sharing both the farm’s bounty and his philosophy with people, along with a healthy appreciation for experimentation has made us and Star Light Gardens what it is today. We are so honored to be able to share in and continue His and Ty’s vision for the farm. Thanks is not enough but we’ll say it anyway Thanks David we love you.

Photo credit: Vicky Szirbik

Now as I wipe an early morning tear of joy from my eye let me get on to other farm news. Yes summer is mere hours away and with it all of the bounty. Tomatoes slowly ripen on the vine, disappearing almost as soon as they appear. Soon however there will be more than enough to fill a farmer’s belly and we’ll be sharing them with you. On the plant sale front things are all but over. Most plants left are slated to be planted here this week so if there is something you really want reach out quickly and hopefully we can accommodate. Everything else is business as usual, we look forward to seeing you all at the markets or else where.

Have a great week

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