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We’ve always been fools for April

The first Day of April arrived, living up to it’s expectations. Of course a rainy April 1st would coincide with the first outdoor market of the year. Still despite the ugly weather, the loyal good food people show up in earnest, warming our hearts and making us smile A look at the long range forecast should have growers across CT also smiling with no below freezing temps in sight. We held off the planting of kales and Swiss chard last week, opting to harden them off instead in one of the high tunnels. So for them today is the day, along with peas , onions, turnips, choys and radish. A lot to do yes but we must keep on schedule for all the obvious reasons as well as others. Most pressing is more space on the tables as well as tomorrow’s ambitious schedule of planting flowers, the First Tomatoes and hopefully more lettuces.

If all this talk of planting has the grower in you getting excited for this season, rest assured. This week we are rolling out the garden starts, with some cool weather standards. For the next two weeks we are running a early bird(or is that gardener)special. Buy four and get a dollar off each plant. To get this deal choose the “early bird special” item in our store and email us your 4 choices of plants from the available choices. There are some items over the years that we have found are not the best for plant sale. Cilantro and peas for example, due to they’re fast growing nature often don’t do well being potted up too long. It is our sincere hope that the garden starts you get from us are successful and thrive. That being said we don’t want to discourage anyone from trying to grow a wide variety of things. So if there is something you want to grow that you don’t see us selling let us know. We will do our best to tell you a good source for the seed, the advice needed to plant it or point you in the direction of someone who does have them. You might even talk us into sharing some of our own seeds as we do occasionally over order. As always we encourage you to asks us questions about and share your tales of growing, after all we love talking plants(in case you couldn’t tell).

Another important thing we should talk about is the Durham Farmer’s Market. We have gotten word that the market though delayed will be starting mid May. Though we have not received any official word yet all details will be passed along as soon as we receive them. One thing we are certain about for the Durham Farmer’s Market is we are committed to being a vendor. In the meantime for those of you who shopped with us in Durham, CSA or not remember you can still pre order to pick up on farm 3 days a week. We also can be accommodating for any Durham Farmer’s market customers whom can’t pick up on those days, just reach out. In the meantime the coffee is getting cold and the sun is warming the ground, you could say the fields are calling us.

Have a great week

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