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Tucker Carlson Is Far From Being Your Friend

My observation is that Republicans (the big ones: Mitch M), Matt Gaetz, the crazy one from Georgia-Marjorie Taylor Green) all lie. They also believe in the Big Lie. Let me count the ways. Mitch McConnell performed such voodoo in regards to the nomination process in between Merrick Garland and all of the Trump Cadets that he managed to squeeze thru the voting process. Matt Gaetz lies about is relationship with under aged woman and still manages to hold onto his seat. And MTG? She is just plain crazy right down to the end of her toes. They all believe The Big Lie, and they all insist that the election was stolen from DJT. And most disturbing is that they depend on Tucker Carlson to help spread utter lies and deceit. The more loudly and insistently you say something, the more likely it is that people will believe what you’re saying. In this case, any thing that looks like white people are going to lose power because POC have the vote or a strong voice- they feel and act threatened. This has been going on for a long long time. The act is insidious and has been seen over and over again. After the Civil War there was a huge surge in black voters in the South which resulted in many representatives. In Georgia, in 1868, if you can believe this, there were 33 new Black Representatives. Feeling threaten, the white members of the House, voted to expel them all on the grounds of incompetence.

I could go on, but then I’d lose track of Tucker. You know, the guy on Fox ,who probably pulls in $47million for just lying to the public. The main point is the example above, which takes place immediately after the Civil War was just the precursor of so many ways to keep POC away from money , power, a sense of decency and the vote. The historic Voting Act of 1965 helped restore so many rights for POC, only to be pulled away in 2013 by Chief Justice Roberts et all. So along comes a guy, Christopher Rufo, who literally ignites a movement who’s soul aim is to make sure that white people do not EVER look closely at the history of how non white people have been oppressed for hundreds of years. He gets a spot on Tucker’s show and implores DJT to take up his cause, which in fact he does. The reality is that Critical Race Theory is an academic exploration of how POC have been systematically taken out of the realm of great economic and freedom opportunities. Its a study. Is anyone out there going to say that the thumb of society has not placed itself heavily on this segment of our population? Anyone? Its not about making our children feel bad or responsible for the horrible things that have happened in the past. No, it is just making sure that we understand what really happened. Our children need to understand what awful things were done in the past in order to insure that they do not repeat any of this themselves.

And that’ my big gripe with Tucker. He’s rather hide behind an anti-Critical Race Theory rock and insist that he’s protecting our children’s self esteem. He is not a stupid person. He knows what he knows, but chooses to lie. I’ve no use for him except to help point out how dangerous bad people in the media are.

When friends tell you how glad they are that they aren’t teaching Critical Race Theory in our schools because they don’t want their children to have low self esteem, you could remind them that CRT is not about feeling guilty-its about learning the truth. And the truth is not pretty, and we need to understand in order for there to be any going forward.

2 thoughts on “Tucker Carlson Is Far From Being Your Friend

  1. Not guilty kids, but kids with a fuller and deeper education. Critical race theory is central to the adults our children become—all of them!
    Amen to all you write, David! Wishing us all a reflective 4th—
    Jan Carlsson-Bull

  2. Dave, you are so right about Tucker Carlson and company. I had thought that having Biden in the White House would allow us to breathe easier, but this new truly evil incarnation of the Republican party is continuing to create chaos and undermine our democracy. I keep wondering what we can do to stop this. Although once more Democrats are obstructed at every turn, are they doing anything of consequence to stop this?? Mitch McConnell is still acting as though he’s in charge and getting away with it. And yes, people like Tucker Carlson are just fanning the flames of this outrage.

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