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Too early for the dog days of Summer?

What is it about summer in April that has part of us throwing on shades and embracing it while the other half is saying “come on it’s too early”. Maybe it has something to do with dragging around hoses to water because all the irrigation isn’t yet in place. Or is it casually throwing on your sandals instead of boots, at times slipping those off to walk bare foot through the grass. Could it be the return of our perennial foes the flea beetle and those pesky white moths. And let’s not forget the freedom that warm weather brings as far as being able to plant, plant, plant without the worry of a frost. Yet still there is the joyous act of covering nearly every new planting, be it with shade cloth or insect netting for protection. What ever it is, this weeks weather promises both relief and good planting conditions. Hopefully a chance to take Mother Nature’s hint and get more instep with the season.

Where the sandals meet the dirt on the farm this week, between all the repotting, starting and transplanting of summer season crops in some regard we are certainly in step with the season. Whether it’s warm or cold, one thing we can be truly grateful for this time of year is the amount of light in each day. Between the fact that long days drive the growth of all the delicious veg of summer we love as well as all the transplanting that needs to get done, we’d take longer days if we could(sometimes). Something that will be new to us this market season is a season long guest spot at the Chester Farmers’ Market. Sundays from 10-1 starting in June, this market will be added as a preorder pickup location, more details coming soon. Other new things you will see is a wider variety of plants on the store this week, more will be added weekly. In addition to that there is an item for the season special “10 plants for 50 dollars”. Choose this item and email us your list plants from the options available online.

In keeping with the seasonal theme, there is an old saying along the lines of “when is the best season to plant a tree?” The answer of course being last year or more relevantly, now. With this in mind Jen, Joel and Sid got into the spirit of the season, purchasing and planting four fruit trees in Middlefield. One cherry, one apple, a pear and a peach will hopefully sweeten many seasons to come in their home. Of course sweeter farmers means sweeter vegetables and we also look forward and hope you Good Food People out there do as well, to enjoying many, many more seasons as part of the Star Light Gardens Family.

Have a great week

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