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The Season of Sid

It’s that time of year where the sun begins to set noticeably a little earlier each day, the mornings are cool and wet with dew, yes it’s nearly the season of Sid. Sure the days are still quite hot and as a result this hunk of a farm dog spends most of the day in the AC laying on the floor or couch. Uncharacteristic of himself this time of year Sid awakes nearly as early as the farmers who share his bed. With a shake of his floppy ears, we hear him leap out of bed as the day begins. He knows he must make the most of these cool early morning hours,searching the the tall grass for rodents and bathing in the morning dew. He’ll get one more chance later in the evening, or maybe a walk. All the while he knows the the cooler weather is approaching, looking at us with his angel eyes and sweet puppy dog smile that says yes the season of Sid is almost upon us. The life of a farm dog can be tough(especially for one who must tolerate living with 5 farm cats). But during that special time of year when he can frolic all day patrolling the perimeters of the farm, it really is worth it.

Another day of the job

As tough as farm dog life is it can be even tougher handling official business. But there are certainly a few things to make note of this week, including but not limited to; The Wadsworth out door market, info concerning the Durham Farmers market, saying goodbye to Susie and more than likely something else we’re forgetting.  The Wadsworth Outdoor market is an annual market held at the Wadsworth Mansion in Middletown this Sunday the 28th from 10 to 4.wadsworthmarketinfo  Yes you guessed it Star Light Gardens will be there so if you’re looking for something to do this Sunday, come say hi.  Concerning the Durham Farmer’s market we have a few dates to keep in mind.  One is this week, depending on whether the construction on the green is finished or not we may not be at the market this week.  We are leaving the pickup option open and if we do in fact not attend all orders will be available for on farm pick up. If you want to make sure to get something from us Thursday ordering may be your best bet.  If you haven’t picked up on farm and have questions feel free to reach out. We will of course notify anyone who has ordered.  Thursday 9/8 we will also be absent from the Durham market because of a wedding obligation. 

Speaking of important dates there are only 2 weeks left before we will be officially ending our home delivery option until further notice.  8/31 is the last day this will be available.  If you have been enjoying this service and want to send your appreciation to Susie and Tom there are 2 more chances and I’m sure they would appreciate the love.  Well that more than likely covers official business for now so let us enjoy a look at the farm this and the coming weeks.

Mexican Sunflowers inter-planted with our 1st succession of summer squash.
Now that the squash has died back the flowers are thriving and feeding all the bugs

This time of year is all about transition and decisions, what to keep, what to scratch.  Off course the recurring theme of prep, plant, prep still exist but with a new sense of urgency.  The unheated greenhouses or high tunnels, must be turned over for one or two last plantings that will carry us through the fall and winter. Outside in the fields the beds will similarly be receiving one last planting, be prepped for overwintering or are getting earmarked for cover cropping.  It’s a bit like the monarch butterfly loading up on a Mexican sunflower for its epic overwintering migration.  One final push to get us safely through to the next season of abundance.  There is something both beautiful and sad about the end of summer and the dwindling light.  We are honored to share this magic of the seasons and cycles with all of you.

Have a great week

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