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The Many Hands of Spring

It would certainly seem that May has shown up in full force for us this weekend, with a beautiful week to come promised. The flowers and foliage of Spring are in competition with the many bird songs for the title of greatest contributor to the atmosphere of the season. Little do they know that it is the way they compliment each other, making this contest a dead tie. Spring comes with many wonderful things, blooms, singing birds, great weather, but for the grower it also comes with a large list of tasks. Starring at this list can be described as nothing less than overwhelming, except when you have a great crew, who’s enthusiasm and hard work are matched only by how much of a pleasure it is to share these tasks with them.

This is the second week where we have this season’s crew at full strength. With two returning from last year and two more joining us anew, we’ve also enlisted the help of a dear friend for the Saturday market in New Haven. Lindsey and Sam are back to join us with Ben and Zoe here for their first time. But to see them work together will have you thinking that they have been here for years. If you haven’t had the pleasure to meet Emily at the Saturday market yet we recommend it, a life long friend of Jen we are blessed to be called and call her family. Having help on the farm really does show the truth behind the saying”many hands make lite work”. Walking the farm the other evening it was clear to us that we are probably as close to on schedule as we have ever been. This is a direct result of the good folks we have joining us this season. We are currently working on another phrase, something along the lines of many hands and great people make for lite enjoyable work. Obviously some editing and rewrites are needed but you get the idea.

You may be wondering “what else needs to get done around the farm these days?” Well you might know our mantra, plant, prep, seed, repeat, that just can’t stop. There’s also our first outdoor squash planting, the ginger and turmeric, 200lbs of potatoes, some inside cubrits, peppers, eggplant and that’s only the planting(or a portion of it). Needless to say we have our work cut out for us, what were we saying about many hands?

If you are a gardener you too have your work cut out for you(not that we have to tell you that) We are here to help whether it’s all the starts for your garden, simply a little advice or everything in between SLG has your back. Summer squash is hitting the website this week with cucumbers more than likely appearing at the markets and being available online next week. Remember our 10 for 50 sale is going on, just choose that item in the store and email us your 10 choices from what is currently available online.

Have a great week

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