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The Big Freeze

The resiliency of vegetables(plants in general for that matter) never ceases to amaze us. Year after year through long stretches of cold and dreary weather, plants survive, thrive and often produce much more than in warmer seasons. Still the drop in temps from near spring like conditions to arctic(or shall we say polar) cold in such a short period of time seems unprecedented. For the most part things on the farm has fared well. There are definitely sad looking plants, some goners and still others that look as if nothing happened. The coming days will be a true test, seeing what recovers and is harvestable. It is for this reason we are suspending Wednesday pick up this week, just to give the plants a little more time.

In a way we have been lucky. Had the last seeding of November been a week or two earlier as planned, we would probably have a high tunnel of greens that got hit with the cold. Leaving us no choice but to cut the damage and allow for regrowth. Instead in their still smaller stage they mostly shrug off the cold. Also furnace repairs delayed the ignition of our nursery. Had it fired up as planned we may have had a fuller nursery and burned quite a bit of fuel heating it this weekend. Instead seeing the low temps ahead in the forecast, we made room in the basement, a temporary return to subterranean life, and certainly a savings in propane and emissions.

With February’s first days behind us and  with them the groundhog, the time is now and things will be kicking into high gear.  The first tomatoes and herbs of the season are germinating in the basement along side this year’s first flowers.  More tomatoes, peppers, onions, herbs and all the regular are also slated to be started this week.  With six more weeks of winter predicted it may seem early and I’m sure in some respects it is.  But remember what we were saying about the resiliency of vegetables, they will often surprise you, we just have to give them the chance.

Many thanks are due to all of you the good food people.  As always for just supporting us.  But especially this week for all of you that braved the cold for the market or on farm pick up(or shall we say school house pick up).  Lastly for the donations received by CT NOFA, helping us in raising funds to provide 4 market cards to people in need.  We are already a third of the way to our goal of raising six hundred dollars, which will be generously matched by CT NOFA.  By clicking here you can make a tax deductible donation to CT NOFA that will go directly to this fundraising effort.

Have a great week!

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