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Spring in February

Each week, day or month we have a different perspective. Surely this must be apparent to all of you with each weekly writing. Reflecting the ever changing environment in which we live and grow. Saying this winter has been anything but mild, with a reality check here or there, would be putting it lightly. Such warm beautiful spring like days in the midst of winter, tempt us to make the mistakes usually associated with mid to late March. At the risk of sounding not exactly humble we would like to hope we are learning from past mistakes.. Field prep with proper cover and protection. The decision to stay in the low tunnels with any early plantings outside. These echo in the back of our minds. Like a voice originating from the furthest corners of the farm. As we turn around not quite ready to ask each other. “Did you hear that?”

Of course with all of these past lessons we must do our best to toe the line between over ambitious and being reserved. This week brings with it, transplanting, bed prep inside(and hopefully out) not mention the starting of just about everything type of veg and flower we grow. Of course even though we may want to forget there is also a decent amount of administrative tasks piling up. It might not be our forte or first choice of jobs. But we will certainly be doing ourselves a favor to get on top of it.

Have a great week!

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