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Seeing Is More Than Believing

We’re doing a raffle this week of a small jar (8oz) of maple syrup that we made right here on the farm. Homemade syrup is so much flavorful than stuff you buy at the store! Our syrup takes on a smokey quality, which I find close to heaven. All proceeds will go towards helping our Undocumented friends get through the pandemic. Please consider taking a small chance and buying a ticket.

I’m going to forewarn you that this blog will again be about voter suppression. But before diving into that, let’s talk about the farm. I’m not bragging, but reporting when I write that we’re already on the top of our game. Remarkable, considering that it isn’t yet April. Except for recent years, we’d start making the ground ready for seeds around the beginning of April. And yet, this year, we’ve already planted so much over the past few weeks. This is largely due to two things. First, would be Joel and Jen’s aggressive approach to early planting. Second, having low tunnels outside really pays off. Because they’re protected from continual rains, it is substaintially drier, earlier under the low tunnels, making the ground ready to receive either plants or seeds so much faster than unprotected ground. The result is that we are now even more loaded with greens, both salad, braising greens, kale, and spinach than we were last week. Which means more supply for all of you. Hopefully, there were few disappointments in the “sold out” department last week.

In a few weeks, we’ll be making available vegetable, flower and herb starts for your own gardens. I’m not sure exactly what we do to make the tomato plants work out so well, but consistently, people are telling me at market that ours has worked out so much better than anything else they’ve tried. Again, just reporting, not bragging. (well, sort of!)

Our stand of carrots in the High Tunnel is really starting to “root” up. I’ll go down there to pull a few, because they need a bit of thinning and am surprised by how big the carrots already are. If you’re looking for the perfect Mother’s Day present, a bunch of our carrots is perfect and so welcomed. Better in some ways than a bouquet of flowers, which you can’t eat.

I bought a new toy for Star Light last week. Its a temperature sensor that will alert me (or Joel) by a phone call if the furnace fails in either the tomato house or the nursery. There’s a sensor that will send a signal to my phone if the furnace breaks,putting our plants in jeopardy. Although somewhat expensive, it is also true that a broken furnace can cause the death of hundreds of our tomato plants. With a quick alert , we’re in a great position to fix the furnace problem on the spot. In the past, I’ve had the awful experience of getting up some cold morning in April and go out to the house and find that for one reason or another, the furnace had quit, leaving rows of frozen toms. That’s a sickening feeling. I felt that the world had ended. Luckily, tom plants are resilient and eventually new leaves would come out of the main stalk. However, now we’ve lost weeks of great growth. This system will help prevent that.

Ok. About Voter Suppression. This note will only mean something to you if you believe that every person registered to vote should be able to easily vote without tremendous hardship. Recently, Governor Kemp of Georgia has passed a “Voter Reform” law that limits the days, hours and places where one can over. Mail in balloting, something that is a boon to older or limited financial means voters, has become even more difficult. There’s also a provision to limit a person’s ability to vote based on their literacy ability. And most curious, there’s a penalty to anyone bringing food and water to people waiting in the voting lines. Does anyone have a plausible reason for such laws? If I was a legislature , I’d be thinking of good ways to help people get to the polls, rather than a million ways to prevent people from voting. Georgia is just one of several states that are trying to churn out ways to keep people away from the polls. And let me be clear here, the people that they’re targeting are POC. Essentially, this is a Republican move to keep non white people away from voting. For me, a reality is that Republicans are in the minority. The former President (you know who) lost both elections in the popular vote by an impressive margin. Its as if, if you’re the minority, you’ve got the power to make your voice be the one that’s heard. Republicans can see the writing on the wall. Largely a party of whites looking at a change is what’s the majority. A scary thought for them. So therefore, they’ve loaded the courts with their kind of judges and pushing for more and more restrictive voting practices throughout the US.

H.R. 1, or the John Lewis Voting Act is crafted in such a way to get the laws back to the historic Civil Rights Voting Act of 1964, a law that has been gradually shrunk down till it almost means nothing. Earlier in 2013 , the Supreme Court in a 5-4 decision gutted section 4 of the Civil Rights Act which would eliminate the need for states to have voting rules ok’d by the federal courts. Southern states particularly had shown themselves unable to leave the voting rights alone in their respective states, making voting more and more impossible for POC. As Ruth Bader Ginsburg said: “Throwing out preclearance when it has worked and is continuing to work to stop discriminatory changes is like throwing away your umbrella in a rainstorm because you’re not getting wet.”

This kind of behavior is pretty easy to understand. Republicans feel like their way of life is being challenged. If they can’t beat the new wave of progressive thoughts at the polls, then they’ll simply try to keep the people away who are going to vote them out. One very direct way to help defend ourselves from this onslaught of legislation is to donate to the ACLU. They are working to combat this way of terrible legislation. And yes , I know that I said I’d touch on affordable housing, but without good voting laws, we’ve got nothing.

I hope you have a great week. Remember to stay safe and continue to practice social distancing. We’re not done yet. But we will be.



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