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If I Call These People Stupid, I’ll Get A Lot Of Flack

Does this happen to you? You’re talking to your friends, spouse, partner or sympathetic neighbor about how the world is doing and how it seems that people have just divided up strongly into two different camps. After a few back and fourths, one of you finally says ” How can these people be such idiots”or […]

Tucker Carlson Is Far From Being Your Friend

My observation is that Republicans (the big ones: Mitch M), Matt Gaetz, the crazy one from Georgia-Marjorie Taylor Green) all lie. They also believe in the Big Lie. Let me count the ways. Mitch McConnell performed such voodoo in regards to the nomination process in between Merrick Garland and all of the Trump Cadets that […]

What Did You Learn In School Today, Dear Little Boy Of Mine

It seems to me that issues have been the same damn thing forever. Last week, there was several articles about how states are outlawing Critical Race Theory because they were trying to avoid having white children feel bad about themselves. Who’s going to argue with that? Of course, the picture is so much different than […]

Seasons at Star Light

An inside look at the seasonal happenings here at Star Light Gardens. In our mission to continue growing 12 months of the year, things at the farm at consistently evolving.

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