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Not A Lone Voice In The Wilderness

Is the world getting scarier for you these days? It is for me. And what I’m about to write to you has been said by many other people, all of whom are much more competent at expressing themselves than I am. Actually, I’ve two things to say. Let’s start with my worrying about the end […]

All Lives Splatter (A Terrible Thought)

The above phrase is a disturbing notion that a friend told me that they saw on a bumper sticker. What in the world is their intention by saying that? My thought is that they want to drive home the point that no matter what you think or feel, that if you’re shot, that’s the end […]

I’m Holding My Breath

The events in Texas this week in regards to gun control, voters suppression and the Supreme Court’s decision not to review their anti-abortion law more than ever make me fear for the future of democracy. We should all stand up and take notice of what Republicans are doing. They have moved forward with all these […]

Seasons at Star Light

An inside look at the seasonal happenings here at Star Light Gardens. In our mission to continue growing 12 months of the year, things at the farm at consistently evolving.

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