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Seasons at Star Light

An inside look at the seasonal happenings here at Star Light Gardens. In our mission to continue growing 12 months of the year, things at the farm at consistently evolving.

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Food for Thought

The Real Organic Project

A lot happened last year around the farm.  One thing that we are really excited about (yet somehow, we forgot to mention) is getting certified by the Real Organic Project.  There has been many changes over the years concerning what is considered USDA certified organic.  Many describe it as a watering down of the organic […]

Does Our Board Of Education Feel Like A War Is Coming?

My view of the future of our town feels ominous. Judging from the experiences in many small towns in the US, it feels like its only a matter of time before Critical Race Theory (CRT) becomes a focus in District 13. Not unlike the Omicron Variant, sooner or later, the issue might become front and […]

Not A Lone Voice In The Wilderness

Is the world getting scarier for you these days? It is for me. And what I’m about to write to you has been said by many other people, all of whom are much more competent at expressing themselves than I am. Actually, I’ve two things to say. Let’s start with my worrying about the end […]