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Out on a Limb

Its seems like almost every week we find ourselves saying well that month went fast. Now here we are starring straight at the end of the year’s scariest month. Even more significant is the fact that this is the last main season week with the full crew. You heard it right, we’ve basically shifted from saying wow that month went fast to wow that season went fast. What a season it has been with all it’s ebbs and flows, full of challenges and uncertainty. One thing is for certain that is it would not have been the great season it has been without such a solid crew. All of their hard work is not only appreciated by us but also by all of you. This coming Sunday when we celebrate and close out the 2023 season together we will make sure to remind them of just that.

Meanwhile in and around the farm, weekdays have been holding such beauty yet the latter half not so much. Perhaps the most common phrase uttered at the market besides tales of making soups was “this had been the 7th Saturday in a row with rain”. It has been a bit of a downer but support is always there and each quick conversation makes working on a rainy day easy. Needless to say everyone is holding out hope that the Saturday rainathon is done. We don’t have to say it again but we will. To all of you the good food people who support us and what we do in both the good times and the bad, weather or otherwise. Without all of you and your support farms like us could not do it, Thank You so much.

Meanwhile in more Global news, David’s attempt to evade the rain by visiting Scotland have well how can we say, backfired. If you haven’t heard about the weather over there certainly David will be filling everyone in upon his return. They say a picture says a thousand words, well just ask Jen to share with you the blustery video David sent us, it speaks around 100k words. Even a quick glance at this past weeks picture conveys the depth of hard wok and dedication the SLG crew has been putting in, shout out to them once again.

Now the story behind this photo is more entertaining. You could say Joel climbed nearly to the top of one the tallest trees on the property and out onto a limb to make this shot happen. However, he had nothing to do with the actual taking of the photo. In addition to being a farmer here at Star Light, Sam is also a photographer and amateur drone pilot. Perhaps like Icarus flying too close to the sun. On Thursday Sam was focused on the best possible shot not realizing the pines looming in the background. In nearly an instant the drone disappeared into a sea of green and the search was on. Luckily these pine trees are nearly like ladders with all their branches and climbing them is quite fun. Unluckily upon climbing two trees and retrieving the drone Joel realized there were two vines growing on those pines. One of which was in fact poison ivy. Also luckily the local pharmacy carries that poison ivy removing scrub and barely any irritation has occurred. Once retrieved the drone needed some minor maintenance and calibration before it was off flying again. This great shot of the farm is just one of the images captured by Sam on this test flight. Stay tuned for the exclusive releases of photo and video to come.

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