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Not the weather, but there’s one thing we can count on

With Fall right around the corner it’s difficult not to wonder what the cooler months have in store for us. Looking back on the summer and even the last few weeks, one thing can be sure is that Mother Nature will be making all the decisions and more than likely they will be unpredictable. This seems to be the pattern we’ll have to live with in the foreseeable future stronger and less predictable weather events.

The past few weeks our particular section of the state received some really strong rain events. Washing away freshly seeded beds of cover crop, salad, turnips and radish. Drowning what was quite possibly our most beautiful beds of arugula this year, beating down new transplants and generally taking the wind out of our sails. Its hard on the spirit and the psyche working in the face of forces which we cannot control. Yet we need look no further than the very plants we are cultivating and their resolve. In the moment of or the direct aftermath we look a upon a field of transplants thinking that nearly all is lost. Yet in time and with a little help the veg not only survive but often thrive, seemingly defying the odds. So we’ll replant, we’ll reseed, staying strong and staying the course taking a cue from our little plant friends. Mother Nature can be fierce and unpredictable but she’s also strong in her resolve and we can be too.

Things on farm this week look a little bit different for a few reasons. First off our work and harvest schedules will be slightly adjusted for the fact that our 2023 Durham Farmer’s Market season has come to an end. Thanks to all the great customers and market staff who made this season not only possible but a great year. And of course a big thanks to Sam for running the show and holding it down at the Star Light Gardens tent this season. In addition to the extra on farm time we will have this week, there is also only one pickup day available with the Durham Fair taking place at the end of the week. This Wednesday 9/20 is the only pickup day we will be offering this week. Next week back to business as usual.

Those of you that spend every week just waiting to hear what’s going on at SLG will remember rumors of free range dads and father in laws being sighted at and around the farms. Well the truth seems to be worse than the rumors as our centralized surveillance system has recorded weekly occurrences in both Middlefield and Durham

All joking aside we would like to give a big shout out, thank you and we love you to Chuck and Brian or Dad as we call them. It is a fact that we do what we do only because of the support structure we have around us, Family, Friends and of course you the Good Food People. But today we want to highlight some family specifically our Dads. Keeping everything nicely mowed around Middlefield and doing a regular clean up and organizing around Durham have really helped us. These are things that we often cannot keep up on during the season of 8 day weeks and 12 hour days. The help you both have done to keep things looking good not only is aesthetically pleasing but also contributes to our peace of mind and the overall functionality of the operation. Knowing that it brings you joy to help your children is powerful and touches our hearts. In our hearts we know that we are making you proud and that alone makes it worth while.

Have a great week

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