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Not A Lone Voice In The Wilderness

Is the world getting scarier for you these days? It is for me. And what I’m about to write to you has been said by many other people, all of whom are much more competent at expressing themselves than I am. Actually, I’ve two things to say. Let’s start with my worrying about the end of democracy.

Trump-style Republicans, if you haven’t noticed, are doing everything they can to erode democracy as we know it. It might start with a local school board and their insistence that Critical Race Theory not be taught in the schools. (Which, of course is ridiculous because this is a subject taught on the graduate school level). We’ve touched on this before, so I’ll only say that what needs to be taught to our children is not how to hate themselves (or other people), for what has happened in history, but rather to make sure that they come away with a true picture about how POC have REALLY been treated in this country. TSR (Trump-style Republicans) are also working on the state legislature level to destroy and limit voting rights for minorities. This includes creating laws that will enable them to change the outcomes of elections if they don’t like the results. And then there’s the Washington TSR people who believe in the Big Lie. These are the ones that Trump has in his front pocket. From my seat on Fowler Ave., these people are only interested in gaining power and at any cost. I’m still waiting for them to show just a glimmer of interest in helping people. All of this spells a potential end to democracy as we know it. Truth has taken a back seat to money and avarice. And elections (which has almost never been shown to exhibit being rigged ), will now be in the hands of a minority. Starting with Roosevelt during the New Deal, there was a sentiment in government that it was created to help people and improve lives. Now, the Republican’s message is that helping is not helping, its a hand out and further its bringing us closer and closer to Socialism. My quick response to this is “Come on!” Do these same people want to give back their social security benefits. Surely, they should also look at that as Socialism, too.

The other thing that I want to share with you is about listening to those in our community who’s opinion are different from your own. Now, I’m not talking her about believers in the Big Lie. I have to admit that hearing what some of them have to say has made me curious. No, talking to them would only be an exercise in futility for me. But there are many people who’s beliefs may be different from you that it would be possible to have a real conversation with, if you could start with respect. In that way, people will feel heard and respected and there could be room for you to question and begin to understand where they come from. Many people who don’t share your own beliefs, are still believing that what they feel is right and to the point. It would be my hope that respectful questions will help all of us to understand each other better.

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  1. Well said, David, I’d also be very interested in hearing your feelings on the climate emergency that we are facing. This past summer included some active climate protest for me… and Glasgow is upon us, Ask me to tell you about the June Walk for our Grandchildren and my arrest in a rocking chair in front of Chase Bank in Wilmington. Better yet…in youtube search for the Walk for Our Grandchildren, the 15 minute video that Matthew PIckett made…

    Am still wanting to bring Henry Mericki (Cameroonian visiting professor at Wesleyan) over to see your farm layout. His teaching begins during the second semester, January, so maybe this can be arranged on this coming Friday the 22nd at 2 ( mas or menos) when I pick up the CSA order I just made…if that would work for you let me know and I’ll check with him…

    Lyn Shaw

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