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Liz Cheney: “I’m SO sorry!”

What can one do with a country that has turned truth inside out? The election, which Biden won clearly, has now been cleverly named”THE BIG LIE”. This term, of course, was originally pulled out of WWll vintage and used correctly by the Dems to describe how Republicans mutilated truth. With not a shred of evidence and over 60 thrown out lawsuits, with the Ex-President in the lead (trying to avoid using his name), the Republicans insisted that they had won and by a landslide. And after that, of course came the absolutely embarrassing moment when the Republicans refused to accept the official results from certain states. If I was a Republican, I’d be red faced beyond all recognition. And that event came upon the heels of the storming of the capitol. But you all know this. What fascinates and horrifies me is how DJT took (or grabbed) the phrase “The Big Lie” and folded it into his own language. Now, to the Republicans, they refer to TBL as what the Dems have done. There’s no evidence here, my friends. None. I’ll give DJT credit for figuring out a great way for this all to work in his favor. He’s good at that. One can only assume that at this point, he relishes the fight more than the principle. This maybe what he gets his most thrills from. Just a theory, but I like it.

Now, after several weeks we’re seeing the fallout from these positions. Republicans are circling up and trying not to leave holes in their vulnerability. And this is where Liz Cheney gets caught. Let me be clear about her- this is not a politician who’s views on things I embrace. Her percentage of voting in accord with Trump is in the 95% range. She’s been loyal to him in most things. But her integrity hit a wall when it came to the election and the January 6th Insurrection. Cheney believed that DJT’s role in he January 6th event deserved consequences. Soon after that, she was one of just a handful of Republicans who voted to impeach the President. And, subsequent to that, she endured a four hour meeting of legislatures (all men) who tried to get her to apologize for her position-which she refused. Liz Cheney will surely lose her position of third most powerful Republican in the House because of her views. I admire her for standing her moral ground. That is more than I can say for the rest of the party. They are the ones who are perpetuating TBL. All of them have betrayed their oath of allegiance to our country over party. They should be ashamed, but I know they are not.

With the last President, we came so close to losing our democracy. Now, between the political assassination of Liz Cheney and the recent onslaught of voter suppression laws in at least five states, I find myself more worried than ever. When Biden beat the former president, a big relief was felt by so many of us. Political situations never just stay stagnant, and so now, just a few days north of Biden’s first hundred days, we find ourselves looking at a Republican Party who’s main goal is to protected the rich, make it harder than ever for people of color to vote, and turn their back on the needy. In other words, a plunge back into Reaganism. This is all with the backdrop of the majority of the American people being in favor of Biden’s direction. Republicans just do what’s best for Republicans.

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