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Just To Be Sure

I don’t wish good things for the former President. Probably some of the things that I wish upon him could be bad for my personal karma. I recognize all this, but still can’t help myself. Its just the way it is. Reminds me a little of how Huck in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn resigns to the fact that he’s just going to have to like people of color, and particularly the runaway slave that is holding space with him on a raft gently floating down the Mississippi River. Huck is faced with a big choice: either stand with Jim and help him or turn his back, hich woud lead to Jim’s recapture. He is unable to do anything but help him, in spite of all that he’s been taught about slaves his whole life. When he realizes that he’s going to help Jim, Huck recognizes that he might go to hell for helping a n—. “And if that means going to hell, so be it” (or something like that).

So, I find myself wishing the worst for him, even though I’m sure that such thoughts are bad for my health. And, I’m not alone in wishing bad things for him. When I’ve confide my thoughts to friends, all of them have had the same evil thoughts. How about you?

Trump is, in my opinion, a cheat, a liar, demonic, and a person of no empathy. Everything and everyone has been put on the earth to benefit him. And yet, he seems impervious to being brought down by the justice system. There was a moment when the arrest of his CFO, Allen Weiselberg looked like the moment he might get arrested, however Mr. Weiselberg would not flip on Trump. But now something new has come to light.

Former Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen gave scorching testimony this week, showing that the former President tried to get him to sign a letter stating that the election had been fraudulent and therefore the results should be overturned. Rosen’s second in command(Donoghue) was witness to these communications and took copious notes. According to these notes, Trump pressured Rosen on a daily basis to sign a statement that the election was seriously flawed. Isn’t this tampering with an election and illegal?

For myself, I want to see him go down. Politically, this probably won’t change anything. There’s plenty of baby Trumps sitting in the wings to take his place should he falter. Abbot from Texas or DeSantis from Florida to name two. But there needs to be justice. I don’t like the idea of these big guys knowing that they can get away with this stuff. Same for Cuomo in NY. Political leaders have got to stop believing that they are all powerful and can get away with anything. Democracy wasn’t meant to operate that way.

Meanwhile, our “Tomato Waterfall” has finally arrived for you. These toms have been babied and coddled thru a long and sometimes treacherous growing up period. They aren’t cheap and for good reason. A lot of work has gone into each and everyone of them. However, I will stand by my standard Star Light guarantee to you- If you don’t literally jump up in the air with delight after trying one these,we’ll give you your money back. They’re that good. And remember, you can’t eat like this in February.

Have a great week.


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