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It’s okay to think about Spring

This morning and the last we really got our first taste of a freeze, temps this morning were reading 23 degrees despite the tease of a much warmer 26. We’ve given all the outside plantings two or three layers of row cover and wished them luck. They’ve had the proper temps to harden off some, yet it’s nearly impossible to not have some loss and damage, just par for the course. The fun part will be uncovering them today long enough to breath and experience the warmth of the sun, then covering them back up tonight with only one layer seeing as the temps aren’t forecast to be as low.

The first round of overwintered carrots were seeded outside this past week with the plan being to plant the inside ones today(assuming we can get the water running). Once the OW carrot planting is done for the season, believe it or not only a few main tasks lay ahead of us to close out the season. First and foremost on our minds and list(especially if you ask Jen) is getting garlic in and bulbs both in and out of the ground. With around 85lbs of garlic already in the planted we are almost a third of the way to completing the Great Garlic Planting of 2023. Now let’s turn the conversation to bulbs. Everyone knows few things bring hope like early Spring flowers near the end of months journeying through the cold and dark. With this in mind, we’ll be digging up the tulip bulbs from the previous two years, replacing them with freshly ordered ones. The older ones we still will replant outside, not wanting one bulb or flower as it may be going to waste. Also being dug up but not planted until the following spring are the Dalias. This year Jen got an early start on these precious blooms by germinating them from seed. But rumor has it the best ones come from the bulbs of previous years, so you can bet we will be doing both.

Lastly only in order and not in importance is soil protection. We have all but past the opportunity for seeding cover crop for the year, so we will turn to repurposed greenhouse plastic and landscape fabric. Areas that are currently ready will be semi prepped and dressed with compost to feed the microorganisms over the winter. Then a layer of plastic followed by landscape fabric will be laid down to protect from the fierceness of Winter’s erosion. Similarly areas still in crop, once harvested will receive this treatment as we attempt to have as much soil covered and protected for the season ahead.

Speaking of the season ahead we are really looking at the final stretch with only 5 total market days left in 2023(not that we’re counting). This Friday will be the last Madison Market of the season. We have to thank not only all the great vendors and of course customers who came out every week, but the market staff as well. All intricate pieces to the puzzle and you guessed it we couldn’t do it without you. In a bit of a break from routine and in an attempt to take a few days off next week we will not be doing on farm pick up. That means this coming Saturday either at the market or on farm pick up will be your last chance to purchase from us before the holiday week, please plan accordingly. We’ve added a few cool weather staples to the website this week, we hope you get the chance to enjoy them with your friends and family.

Have a great week

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