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It takes a team and a Great one at that

Certain common elements exist within every farming season. Constants that don’t exactly change but rather take a different shapes. The familiar, the predictable, the certain. Of course each and every season also has it’s own unique elements, unpredictable things that can be largely out of your control but exist nonetheless. Who is going to join the farm crew and how they will all mesh together is just one of those things. We are still pretty new to this being bosses to anyone but ourselves game, but each year putting together a main season crew has been challenging in it own way . This year arguably has been one of our best crews yet. You all have seen the results of this in both the abundance and beauty of the food we have had the privilege of growing this year. Without the help of Ben, Lindsay, Sam and Zoe this year it wouldn’t have been possible so a huge Thank You and shout out to them.

Yesterday afternoon we took the opportunity to enjoy their company and conversation without harvest lists and weeding and also meet or see again their better halves. In a spectacular farm fashion Jen whipped up a menu that would make some of our chef customers jealous. And of course Joel worked tirelessly out on the deck grilling up what is becoming a SLG employee dinner tradition, Brats from Four Mile River Farm. The drinks flowed, plates were cleared refilled and cleared again, there were games and even costumes to fit in with the season. Before we knew it we were hugging and saying goodbye, left only with the memories of a joyous and beautiful season and of course the friendships that were forged along the way.

Of course now the question is raised what is next for SLG this season and as many of you know we don’t stop, just kind of slow down. With that being said the lack of help on the farm now combined with the approaching cold will be keeping our hands full this week. Luckily we are not without any help as Sam is again staying on with us through the winter to return for his 3rd season in 2024(where does the time go). So the name of the game tomorrow is row cover, row cover, row cover and of course a lot of sand bags. Usually without fail the first major days of putting cover in place are extra windy adding to the challenge. Perhaps our neighbors will see all the white fabric blowing around and thinking they are ghost will say, “wow they really have the Halloween Spirit over there”. Or maybe luck and weather will be on our side , either way three farmers moving row cover is far superior than one or two.

With the cooler weather and Holiday season approaching we want to once again highlight all of the great Star Light Gardens swag that is available through the website. We have your upper half covered from tank tops to hooded sweatshirts, featuring art work from Star Light Gardens original sign created by artist and Founder Ty Zemelsky. If you are unfamiliar with the art work believe us when we say it is truly breath taking. Stop by the market and see it first hand on one of the shirts or our current market sign which is a digital reproduction of more original SLG art work she created. Official SLG Merch

Have a great week

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  1. Thanks for all you do to provide such wonderful veggies. I see how much hard work it takes.

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