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It Can’t Happen Here

Sinclair Lewis, in 1935 wrote a dystopian novel about a want to be American dictator who rises to power much like Adolf Hitler did in Germany. There’s been much written about the threat to democracy lately and for good reason. I’d like to reference a recent article in The New Yorker by Susan Glasser. Here’s the link. I don’t actually know if you’ll be able to view it if not a subscriber, but I think you can.

In Hitler’s rise to power, we see many people warning others of the danger that Germany was going in. It did not help. In the end, millions of German citizens embraced all of Hitler’s heinous notions of how the world should evolve from here on in. Many of his assertions, particularly the concept that Jewish people are inferior to the Ayrian race was just a statement. There was no proof behind any of it. But Hitler understood the power of suggestion and the weak spots in the German citizenry and was able to mobilize and create a threat to world democracy never seen before in history.

Now, today in America we see every day a total departure from reality. How do I list the ways. The election was stolen from Trump. He’s going to go back to the White House and become President in August. The January 6th attack on the Capitol was merely a bunch of tourist and there’s no reason (according to Mitch) to scrutinize the event. It would serve no purpose.

And now the ex President is attacking vigorously Anthony Fauci and trying to vilify him. That right there should set up warning bells for all of us. Dr. Fauci has worked endlessly and tirelessly through out the pandemic. Further, Dr. Fauci has stuck to real science-a subject that every Republican should go back to revisit. It doesn’t matter what the subject or concept that you want to push on the American people, if you’ve got the platform (and DJT surely does) then you can get anyone to think almost anything. There’s going to be a long list of Republicans who get on the anti-Fauci Bandwagon

And that’s where we are. Republicans are insisting that the Dems are Socialist, ignore science in general, doing everything that they can think of suppress the POC vote because they know that they don’t have the real votes, so they’re going to figure out ways make the vote work for them. And remember, inspite of the insistence that voter fraud is robust from Republicans, there has been not one shred of credible evidence to show this to be true.

And one last thing, it was shown today that DJT tried to use the Department of Justice to overturn the 2020 national election. The DOJ is suppose to be an independent arm of government and should not have to answer to the President. That is one of the strong ways to help keep democracy strong.

I know now, that everyone that reads what I’m thinking is somewhat closely aligned with what I’m saying. There was a time, when I’d be loosing 5-10 people a week. These are people who’d rather do without great food (or get it from another farmer, who’s not so vocal!) rather than hear an opinion. But everyone, the warning flags are out there-everywhere. Democracy is on the line. If you don’t believe it, than you’re not paying close enough attention. And I mean that in a friendly way. Please, if you don’t agree with that, look again.

Have a great week. Star Light is shining day and night. We feel lucky to help feed you



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