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It All Seems Simple, But Scary


Thank you to those of you who responded to my question from last week. Everything took a small turn when my friend was advised to do nothing for her own safety. I get that. So we’re going to leave the question alone for a while.

This week, you’ll have a chance to join our 2nd Annual Mother’s Day Carrot Raffle. All proceeds will go to Unidad Latina en Acción from New Haven. This organization is fighting hard to get benefits to undocumented immigrants. For me, its shocking that our government can turn their backs on whole families who are in dire need of real help.

Let’s briefly talk about the quality of the carrots you’ll be winning. These are the carrots that we started way back in November of 2020. Before the year was up, they germinated and grew at an incredibly slow pace. With great determination, we cultivated them, weeded them and watered them since then. Now, over 5 months later, the first bunch will be harvest. You can count on there being a good supply of our carrots starting next week. There are a few things that you should know about these carrots. First off, crunchy and sweet. Very, in both instances. But most importantly, they come with an iron clad guaranteed to make you jump up in the air with delight. Its that simple. I should know because one of my other names is The Carrot Scientist-a term given to me by a young lad who couldn’t understand how we could make a carrot taste that good. (Ok, full disclosure, he was talking about Tomatoes, but it seemed ok to adapt the phrase for carrots, too. If anyone objects to my poetic license here, write me and we’ll discuss the matter.) Remember, this raffle is designed to raise money (all proceeds to ULA) for an extremely important cause-people who are living 20-30 minutes from you who are hoping for the same benefits as all the other citizens.

The title of this page says it all. I’m beginning to see the world in a much more basic , simplistic way. And I’m hoping that I can explain this idea to you with brevity. It use to be during Lincoln’s time that the Republican Party was interested in helping individuals. That government’s role is to help and assist whenever needed. This idea got lost on Republicans soon after that and it wasn’t until FDR came alone that we see a return to this philosophy. And this was in a big way. In his first 100 days in office, he passed 76 bills, all aimed at helping a shaken and needing American people. His programs provided a sense of purpose to the many who found themselves out of work (25% or more). The purpose was for government to be the helping hand when it was so needed.

Several decades later, Reagan took things way around to the other side and declared that the problem was big government. His 8 years in office were marked with deliberate dismantlings of any program that would help common people. The general idea was that Americans can do anything they want if they try hard enough and that there were too many programs who were designed to create “welfare queens”. Bill Clinton didn’t help much in this score either.

Trump embraced everything that Reagan stood for and upped the ante 3 or 4 times. I’ll just leave you with one aspect of Trumps tomfoolery. When the pandemic struck hard (and he minimized the severity of it because he didn’t want to look bad), instead of creating a viable way for all states to get what they needed, he put them all at odds with each other. No cooperation, no sense of the welfare of nation as a whole-none of that. It was kind of an extension of American First, but instead it was each state first.

President Biden has returned us to the philosophy of FDR-government needs to help the people when they need help. His packages should work well to restore an economic balance to our country. He’ll surely make mistakes, but I believe we are looking at the first transformative President in over 75 years. I’m hoping that the Dems can hold onto the House and Senate for the mid terms. The Republican Party does not listen to the majority of the people and in fact are the minority but have learned how to control things anyways.

Have a great week. Our choices are getting wider and wider every week. Check out the whole store and enjoy what you see.



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