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If We Don’t Do Something Quick We’re ___(fill in your own expletive)!

It was all I could do, to not actually spell the f word in the title. There was a moment’s hesitation where I debated the wisdom of even remotely making a suggestion of the word, but realized that we can’t close our eyes to voter suppression in the country. Ever

I’m going to start with something basic. Joe Biden won the presidential election. The former president lost by a considerable margin. There was never any evidence of widespread fraud or deceit. The Republicans disputed votes only in Democratic states and specifically in areas that are composed mostly by POC. The fact that so many people have embraced the myth that this election was rigged to me is frightening. Absolutely frightening. But, also it should be noted that we spent 4 years with so many lies coming out of the past administration that people became use to an “alternative truth”. This is a dystopian situation, dangerous to our democracy-a place where many voices are suppressed in heinous, insidious ways. This is democracy slipping out of our grasp.

And as a side note, for any of you who don’t agree that January 6th was a dangerous and near miss attack on our way of life-considerate this. The election would have turned out differely if the former president was able to talk the former vice president to exercise a right (that he didn’t have) to throw the election back to the states, whereby each state had one vote. And from an arithmetic point of view, there’s more Republican states than Democratic. In other words, a home run for Trump. And that scenario looked like the end of the great Democratic experiment to me.

Republicans are doing every thing they possibly can to legislate new and restrictive laws that are specifically designed to make it harder and harder for POC to vote. The list of strategies include closing convenient poling stations, making mail in ballots harder if not impossible to do, changing the times of when you can vote, strict and sometimes arbitrary i.d. requirements. These are the new Jim Crow rules. Same ideas, but a slightly different look. Republicans see that there are more and more POC who are eligible to vote and are typically Dems. It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to see that they’re seizing power on the state level in order to have a Republican result in these states. Between that and the filabuster rule, its becoming a fact- the minority has a clear path to call the shots. That’s not a democracy.

Things to do, in my opinion: talk to everyone you know and get them thinking about how they want their democracy to work. Do they want a voting system that suppresses legitimate voters? Support financially institutions that are actively trying to loosen rather than tighten the voting rules. Two examples of this are the ACLU and the Southern Poverty Law Center. There are many others. Let’s make sure that every legal voice gets heard.

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