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Happy 2023!

It is our sincere hope that all of you have had an excellent Holiday Season filled with all those wonderful things that mean so much to you and yours. We are truly excited to be welcoming a new year with all the good food people. Though the heart of the season is months away our brains are already filling up with delicious ideas for the year to come. Surely you all must be asking yourselves, besides the obvious farmers sleeping and eating, how is the farm doing?

Considering the strange weather and time of year things are doing surprisingly well. We weathered the winds and rain the week before Christmas decently. The winds were fierce but besides a day and a half of covering and recovering low tunnels in the field little damage occurred. We don’t need to describe to anyone the wind and cold that followed. That much cold so long is a bit uncommon for that time of year but for the most part the veg weathered the storm well. It is of course the protection from the high tunnels and row cover that allow for this. But also the daily ritual of uncovering to allow the sun and heat of the day to warm the soil. Then before it gets too late covering back up to trap some of that heat. A fine balance between capturing heat but not too much moisture. Something we are sure you’ve either heard or will hear about again.

On the subject of again(or perhaps returning makes more sense), we are back at it with on farm pickup three days a week as well as the Cityseed New Haven Market returning, same place, same day, slightly different time, Saturdays 10-1. We are definitely looking forward to being back at the market this week as well as back in the dirt harvesting for you all.

 There are a lot of things we will be looking forward to this year.  But in case you missed it check out our 2022 Year in Review Post

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