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Generous, Kind and full of surprises( The Good Food People)

With what looks to be the most significant snow received so far this Winter coming this evening it may seem strange to say that March and in fact Spring are right around the corner. If you could look into our high tunnels, the nursery and our minds, perhaps it wouldn’t seem strange to say such things. No matter which way you slice it, we can’t deny the facts. Yup Spring is weeks away and yes the weather is only getting stranger, so it’s probably safe to expect a warm Spring with a surprise or two in April or May.

Speaking of surprised, we are not only surprised(although we shouldn’t be) but blown away by the support we have and continue to receive. In this instance we are referring to your generous support in the raising of funds for CT NOFA’s Farm Share Program. Our initial goal was to raise 600 dollars which NOFA would generously match, allowing us to offer 4 discounted or free market cards to people for the 2023 season. Not only have we reached our goal, but we’ve lapped it, one and a half times over! We’ve always liked to think we set a good pace here at Star Light and with the help of you the good food people that is more true than ever. The pace of fund raising that you all have set is eclipsing any similar efforts and that makes us prouder than you could know. So apparently the easy part was raising the funds and maybe the harder part is going to be recruiting the recipients. If you are interested in receiving a reduced cost/ free market card please let us know. These can be used at our farm stand or any of our farmers markets.

We also want to thank you all for being understanding during these slower times of year. After a few lighter weeks we are happy to have some of those favorite greens back on the shop. Having more space to experiment with growing more in the Winter has really been a growing and learning experience. Doing our best to take lessons both from seasoned growers and our own experiences, we are feeling quite ambitious for next winter(a strange thing to say on February 27th). We are also switching our email platform starting this week, so if you notice anything from this weeks letter that seems strange or doesn’t work, please let us know.

Have a great week.

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