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If The Truth Had Teeth, It Would Bite You In the Butt Right Now

The popular notion now is that Trump’s assertions about the election being stolen from him will be known from here on in as The Big Lie. I like that because it says it all. But, having said that, we should not forget that this is not the only lie that has been going around these days. To me, the truth is irrefutable. Trump had instigated and inflamed his base for months. He asserted a long time ago that the election was rigged against him. Over and over, he created an unlit bonfire until that January 6th date when he tossed on fuel and flicked a match on the whole thing. And then poof! Now , but only now , we know how terrible close (a matter of feet), the insurrectionists came to put their hands on both Mike Pence and Nancy Polosi. Just recently , Republican Representative from Washington Jamie Herrera Beutler released a statement recounting a bitter conversation between Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and the former president. Trump refused to call off the rioters and actually appeared to be taunting McCarthy by saying that the rioters were “more upset about the election than you are”. Strong words, I know, but I say that the former President’s action are criminal and devoid of humanity. Minority Leader of the Senate , Mitch McConnell was explicit in his own feelings- that Trump was in every way possible responsible for what happened on January 6th. The only reason that he voted to not convict was “you can’t impeach a former President”. This of course is the epitome of two face-ness. He said that he’d refuse to take up the article of impeachment before the inauguration and now that a new president is installed, states that he doesn’t believed that constitutionally, the Senate can do so to a former president. He wants it both ways. Of course, his main motivation is that he doesn’t want to see Republicans lose future Trump votes.

This feels like a moral dilemma-vote your conscious or try and keep your seat. It strikes a chord with me, wondering how true I’d be to my own values. How true would any of us be when being tested by life’s difficult questions. I’d like to say, first of all, that I’d never be a Republican. But what about being part of a vote that could mean your position in life? And this line of thought brings me straight to Black people marching for their rights on the Pettus (a confederate hero) Bridge. I wouldn’t begin to assume that I’d know what it feels like to walk into those police with batons, dogs and horses. There’s a moral dilemma with a real physical cost to it. Full disclosure. I’ve admired those people facing such opposition, and it makes me scared, too. Just saying

This all boils down to, (as far as the recent 43-57 impeachment vote) the utter importance that people voting their conscious are the ones that I want on my side. The McConnell’s , Cruz’s and the Hawley’s -not even close. (I’m being polite here. I can think of worse to say).

Sunset today is 5:22! There’s so much more sun. That means that all our little plants are speeding up photosynthesis, and shortening the time it takes to have a finished mature plant. Good news! The carrots planted last November are with true leaves and beginning to take on height. My goal is to have them ready for Mother’s Day. I’ll send you pictures after I learn how to use the new websites photo gallery!

Meanwhile, Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you. This is a holiday created by a card company (Hallmark), but still the message is about love. I hope you have a way to show your love to those around you, not just today , but every day.