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Break On Through To The Other Side(with a nod to Jim Morrison)

To quote my very favorite historian, Heather Cox Richardson- we’re all breathing and sleeping better now that we refer to him as “Former President”. I’m going to keep wondering how, with the overwhelming evidence right in front of them, people can remain loyal to someone who openly destains POC, embraces QAnon, instigates an attack on our Capitol, has no empathy for the 400K plus UNNECESSARY deaths (with a 500K count very realistic) from Covid, who promoted the most cockameanny story about illegal elections, and made 3 different calls (not to mention Lindsey Graham’s call) to officials in PA trying to throw out the popular vote. I just stand there with my hands on my hips and think “what exactly, if not this, might convince you”. Just at a loss, I tell you. Maybe some punster will come along and lay it all out for me.

Meanwhile, besides the relief that he didn’t drop bombs on Iran on his way out the door, I now realize that there is no more reason to try and convince my Trump friends (yes, I have a few) that this man threatened Democracy. That train left the station. Other “trains” remain though. Although, not sure when they might leave, they are putting us in a tenuous place. One thing to consider is the potential for the Alt-Right and White Supremacist to unleash violence anywhere on anyone. This is real and worrisome. The other factor that I wonder about is whether the business Republicans (Mitch et al) will effectively block all of President Biden’s initiatives. This could happen. To dig a little deeper into this, let’s consider that Biden, now in a position to be a transformative President, wants to bring to our nation programs that are genuinely designed to help the most people, as opposed to how things have been gradually morphing into benefiting the 1%. In effect, Biden is interested in helping the most vulnerable as well as giving a boost to those in the middle class needing just that bit of extra help. To me, this is the New Deal of the FDR era redux for modern USA needs. I’m for it and wonder what you think? Equity probably won’t happen over night, but wouldn’t it be a dream come true?!

I am hopefull that our new President will find those bridges that he’s been talking about. He is a centrist, meaning that the political pendulum goes sometimes way left and sometimes way right, but either way, one has to pass thru the middle, coming or going. Therefore, the middle is the most common place to be. This might make his job easier.

Talking about easier, January 28 marks the day when we’ll have 10 hours of daylight. For those of you who’ve followed me, know that this day is the day when photosynthesis rapidly speeds up. After that date, plants that have appeared dormant begin to grow. For those of you who have a hard time with the lack of light and the cold, this date is a watershed moment. Star Light, of course, has been positioning itself well for this, planting a wide variety of spinach, salad, pak choi, and root crops in our hoop houses. There’s going to be a moment in the not too distant future when we’ll be able to report that our supply of food is bountiful. Until that moment, we can certainly say, at least, “its beautiful”. And it is. Order early, if you can to help insure you get what you’d like.

Have a great and very safe week. I hope that some of you are able to get the vaccine very soon.



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Three More Sleeps

Dear People Who More And More I Consider Are My Friends, Even Though I Haven’t Met Most Of You (But I have met a lot of you, also),

When my kids were really young and excited about some upcoming event to the point where they could hardly contain themselves, they always wanted to know how long they’d have to wait. I got in the habit of translating the time into the number of sleeps until that event would happen. And that’s what the subject means, “Three more sleeps (until the end of Donald J. Trumps administration)”.

We’re lucky that our democracy withstood his onslaught. A free and fair election was held , followed by denial that it was anything but by DJT. And soon after that was the attempted coup, 5 event-related deaths, impeachment and firing of several key Capitol Police heads and hasty resignations by those in his cabinet who preferred not to be on a sinking ship (probably a good strategic move on their part, but far too little, too late for them to have credibility in my book!). And now on the eve of Joe Biden’s inauguration , we’re left with the undeniable fact that White Supremacist are the number one domestic threat to our country.

Last week, I was more comfortable with the major pundits explaining what happened on January 6th, but tonight, it seems important to emphasis for you and me that Racism with a capital “R” was the big player in the Capitol invasion last week. A watershed moment really, where a group of almost exclusively White Men felt an existential threat to their livelihood because they now see that it will be impossible to prevent the voices and issues of POC from being part of the center stage of our political landscape. And for great reason, too. The strong presence of something other than the White Voice is inevitable. And they don’t like these prospects one bit.

During Franklin D. Roosevelt’s time as president, a whole new concept was created for the American Nation. Government should exist to help better the condition of all people, of all colors and walks of life Previous to that, rich people got steadily richer on the backs of the poor. We see the creation of Social Security and many other programs that still exist today that are so popular with the majority of Americans. The exception being the super rich who found themselves having to pay more and more to help fund these programs. And they didn’t like that one bit, either.

Reagen for the most part and Clinton, too, brought things back in the other direction, gutting so many of these important initiatives to the point where it’s hard to now recognize some of them. Fact is ,that so many rich people only want things to go well for themselves and hate spending their tax dollars to benefit everyday people.

Now we’re poised at a critical moment with Racism, Covid, Environmental Devastation, Recession all breathing down our throats. And there’s Joe. He could actually perform transformative work , even in his first 100 days. I’m sure he’s going to disappoint me and maybe you, too. But, I know he’s going to try his hardest. The world, from my point of view is crying out for big changes, revolution even, but within the parameters of great legislation. We’ll see. I’m optimistic that the world will at least have empathy reintroduced into it. Something sorely lacking over the past four years.

This has been a hard time for all Americans, but especially for those of us living without food security or safe ways to protect themselves from the virus. And even though I’m writing from the security of my nice warm house, I realize that it all boils down to not forgetting that we all need to figure out our way out of this f___ mess. (Sorry, just had to say it.)

Stay well. Stay safe. Please. Talk to all of you when we’re on the other side of this.



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What Else Besides Impeachment

Dear All of Us,

Farm News at the end of this blog.

The most important thing that I want you to know is that this farmer is with you. These have been disturbing days. And when disturbing days come, we all need each other-lots. So, I want you know that I’m thinking of you, my family, my neighbors and maybe the bicyclist that I passed on my own bike ride today. (Just a casual flip of each of our hands, but even so, a kind of joining happened). I believe that all of us are deeply upset by what occurred and what could have transpired this past Wednesday. Many people, including myself, saw months ago that something big was going to happen on Trump’s way out the door. We just couldn’t quite visualize exactly what it could be. Now we can. I am disgusted with what he orchestrated, as I assume many of you are. And having said that, will leave that subject more to the eloquent people who write for both The Atlantic, NYT, Washington Post and The New Yorker. But I am thoroughly horrified and disgusted by how the guy, who has exactly 20 more sleeps in the WH before “retiring” to Florida, has acted. I hope the newly configured Senate will impeach and find him guilty, making it impossible for him to ever hold office again. That’s the beginning of “making American great again”.

I am haunted by one very singular and horrifying fact: If it were POC that had tried the same thing as those MAGA people- they’d be dead by now. No, there wouldn’t have been any crossed signals between the authorities about when to send more muscle to the scene. There’d be no confusion at all because I’m sure that it would have all been worked out ahead of time. Let’s hope that a Blue Ribbon Panel will take this event apart piece by piece and figure out how it will never happened again. Let’s remember what the nation’s capitol looked like before and during the Black Lives Matter protest. There was a preponderance of police and military force all in place. National sites were fortified. Lincoln Memorial for one. And for the most part, that was a peaceful gathering. No one was coming to D.C. to “get Pence”, or anyone for that matter. These protestors were looking for equity in the American system. But that didn’t stop an overwhelming and inappropriate show of force. And let’s not forget how the Attorney General cleared an area of protestors by St. John’s Church, so that Trump could have a photo opt of holding a bible (upside down!).

There are those amongst us who sincerely believe that the Dominion voting machines were rigged. And they also believed that Trump won the election by “a landslide”. And even more puzzling is their belief in QAnon. No proof, none, nada will convince these people otherwise. One doesn’t have to look to the “liberal press” to confirm that this is utter nonsense. No court (and we’re also talking the Supreme Court, with 3 Trump appointees) saw even a minutiae of proof from Trump’s assembly of lawyers. If I was one of Trump’s lawyers, I’d be mortified to go to court with what they had (nothing).

What do we do with all this? Big unanswered question! First off, let’s make sure that the newly Democratic Senate reverses as many horrible Trump decisions as possible in the quickest amount of time. I’m 100% behind President-elect Biden issuing as many executive orders to retract all of Trump’s missteps. Additionally, we must recognize that of the 74 million who voted for Trump and are still in his camp after all this-many of them sincerely believe all of Trump’s rhetoric. They aren’t bad people. Many of them are as wonderful as they get. Its those others,; the bigots, the racist, the homophobes, those Proud Boys and others of their ilk. These people are laced with a thorough hate , a hate that must be overcome. We’ll see what develops, but I’d like to put my pitch in-“love conquers all”. It just might work. And, with some hard work on all of our parts it might be in our lifetime.

We’re off to an amazing farm start so far. There’s new baby plants starting everywhere. It would be true that our inventory is a bit on the shorter side right now-but still its January and we’re offering freshly picked greens. And sweet too. Sweeter than virtually everything-except maple syrup! January 29th is approaching. This magic day is the moment when photosynthesis starts to really remember what its suppose to do. Its the time of year when the day has over 10 hours of dayligt. Up until now, growth has been so very slow that its almost impossible to perceive. You’ll see. I’m looking forward to this pivotal day.

Meanwhile, we’re going to be planting tomato seeds this week. And so begins another season of our beautiful relationship with this glorious fruit. Astoundingly, from start to finish, its almost a 10 month event. Think on that.

Please stay well and safe. Meet your friends outside. Buy some wood, get a fire ring. It’ll work. And its much better than the alternatives.


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Welcome to Farmer Dave’s Blog,

This will be new. I’m actually more a “David” most times, but somehow the “Dave” feels very right in the realm of farming. This beautiful looking new website (at the old address) is the result of Jen’s hard work. Its been in the works for quite a while. The old host got tired of not making enough money off of us and came up with a new model to charge us that was , at least in my opinion-unconscionable. But that’s not why the subject matter of this letter carries that name. We’ll get to that soon enough. I just want to publicly acknowledge what a great and beautiful job she has done here. The finished product kind of reminds me of how her flower bouquets come out-bursting with life, color and finesse.

I choose the subject line “unconscionable” in reference to the 11 senators who have decided to stand in opposition to the overwhelming and convincing victory of Joe Biden on January 6th. This is in spite of the fact that the votes have been counted and recounted and that 60 odd lawsuits from Trump’s “Legal Team” have been struck down by federal judges including 2 (or is it 3?) suits brought to the Supreme Court. Remember that Guilianni and his team have made outrageous and unsubstantiated claims outside of court, and yet when faced with an actual judge where truth really matters and can cost you, they’ve had to admit that there have been no truth to their claims. Its like throwing things against the wall and seeing what will stuck. In this case- not a whole hell of a lot! And that also is the case with ballot fraud and the so called malfunctioning of Dominion ballot machines. Trump’s supporters have shouted their insistence time and time again that the election (and the ballots) were stolen. And not one judge, including the 3 that Trump himself appointed saw one scrap of evidence that anything went wrong with any aspect of the election. But, and this is a big but, if you say something loud enough and long enough ,then people are going to believe you. And now these 11 senators have taken the whole thing one more step. They’re insisting that there should be another look at the outcome and that the American people deserve the truth. I agree. They do. And if there was any any ANY reason to look deeper at what happened in this election, then that should happen. And right away. But it didn’t. What they’re really doing-and this makes perfect sense- they are aligning themselves with the 70Million voters for Trump, so that when election time comes around for them, they won’t lose those voters. People can have a long memory for things like this. And Ted Cruz, the most visible of all 11,should be ashamed of such opportunism. Actually, they all should. When elected to office, they swore alliance to uphold the constitution. This behavior is not that. Not by a long shot.

In my humble opinion, the Republicans, and especially Trump have brought us closer to an existential challenge to democracy than any event in the recent past. We have made it through ok this time, but vigilance on the part of so many hard working people helped prevent that from happening.

One last thing that I need to share. That Trump is a poor loser, that he would rather do or say anything to keep his job is obvious to me. And there’s no road for him to keep his job. But, and this is where I’m getting nervous- I wouldn’t put it past him to try something unconscionable in the world arena on his way out the door. What? Not sure, and don’t want to put any more terrible thoughts inside anyone’s head. Meanwhile , holding my breath, till noon on January 20th and hoping that all goes well for the country. We’ve had a terrible, tragic and an unprecedented attack on working poor, particularly POC. Lets figure that all our efforts with make 2021 better.

Oh, one more thing. I was wrong. In the next few weeks, we’ll be keeping you informed of Star Lights activities. We’re already growing food for you for next week, next month and the months after that. It will be fun to let you know what’s going on. This week, we bought a major tool, the Jang Seeder and you’ll learn about that, our new hoop houses, and the elusive art of grafting tomatoes. All part of the glorious and rewarding job of providing you with the very best we know how to grow.

Stay well. Stay safe and think smart. The vaccine is here, but I haven’t gotten it yet-have you?



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45 Days And Counting (Breathlessly)

I’m holding my breath till the Inauguration Day because there is so many harmful and dangerous things Trump could do on his way out the door.  Want to hear a list?  Pull troops out of Afghanistan , allowing the Taliban to run back in and seize power.  Sell  23 billion dollars worth of weapons to UAE.  Auction off to the highest bidder, drilling rights in the Alaskan rctic, threatening the existence of indigenous people, wildlife and poisoning the environment.  Ignoring a bailout package for the millions of Americans tragedy swept up in the pandemic with no resources to keep their dwelling, their health and livelihoods.  Turn his back on making any plans to really have a distribution system in place to get the yet to be approved vaccine where it belongs. Or his complete apathy about the plight of those (mostly POC) who are most vulnerable to succumbing to the virus. Did I mention his uncomprehensible assertion that he won the election by a landslide. (Does he live in his own world of his own truths?)  Oh, and lets not forget the plans we’ve been hearing about to pardon Eric and Donald Jr. T, Ivanca , Paul Maniforte and wait ,wait himself (never been done before).  Keep your eyes on this people, this is a guy who never admits he’s wrong and never will surrender.  Ever.  To my mind, Donald J Trump is an existential threat to democracy.  We’re holding up so far, but there’s 45 days to go.   I send my appreciation to those Republicans such as Governor Kemp and Secretary of State Raffensperger  for having the courage to go against the Trump line. And Attorney General Barr, too, much as I can’t stand anything else that he’s done since assuming office. I’d have to say that Trump knows nothing about good sportsmanship. Nothing.

Segway (never can figure out a graceful way to go from the incomprehensible (Trump) to the comprehensible (great food)

Planted just a few weeks ago, you are looking at carrot plants that are going to hunker down for part of the winter and start regrowing again in earnest after January 29th, when the length of day goes to above 10 hours.  Planting carrots early and being able to harvest early is one of the most favorite things that this farmer loves to do. It amazes me that these tiny little leaves eventually turns into awesome, crunchy carrots!

We have an impressive amount of food available yet for this time of year.  Carrots, for one, won’t get any better than this.  Check out our store .  You’ll find an impressive variety of things.  Schedule for next week in as usual.  The following week, there’ll be one preorder day on Wednesday December 16th.  We’ll be at the last Cityseed Market for the year on December 19th.  Store opens tonight at 7:30PM.

I’ll be sending you a second email for reasons that will be apparent once you read it!  Might not be today, but keep an eye out for it.

People, thank you for helping us make this our most exciting year ever!  Its because of all of you that this is happening.


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New, new, new

Welcome to our new website! Unfortunately, our long time website platform dissolved with the new year so here we are now. Admittedly, website building is not our forte but we hope that you will find it to be user-friendly. Please let us know if you have any suggestions or have run into any trouble.

Aside from the new website Star Light experienced a lot of “news” in 2020. New customers, new CSA market cards, new wash station, newly covered high tunnel and nursery, new pick up days, new cat (just one this year..). Probably the most notable “new” of 2020 were our 2 new Caterpillar Tunnels.

Our new Caterpillar Tunnels are named Frida and Lulu,David’s youngest grandkids. Now all 7 grandkids have  a covered structure named after them. Frida and Lulu (the tunnels) are going to be great tools to help extend the seasons and help us grow “on the backside of the calendar.” They will also help us get started earlier in the Spring. That’s right, once we get through this Winter, it will be Spring again, hang in there!  Right now both Frida and Lulu are planted with salad greens like lettuce, baby kale, claytonia as well as turnips, spinach and some radishes too . We are planning on using them in the spring for early beets and radishes then again in the summer for a late round of flowers. But the possibilities are endless and nothing is set in stone so we are looking forward to the future of the newest addition to our farm landscape.


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Get Me To The Church On Time

I tried to figure out a way to write this note without Joel or Jen seeing it because I was hoping to tell you something without them knowing it.  Unfortunately, the algarythm doesn’t work that way and they’d know no matter what (what I’m about to say). 

Here’s what it is.  On the solstice, (December 21) Jen and Joel are going to get married on the farm, in the presence of their family .  The solstice has special meaning to them, because that’s the day that they had their first date.  Anyway, this is big news in the farm community.  So many of you have shared with me how amazing they are at the market, both in handling crowds of customers and making a drop dead glorious looking display of the food. And lets not forget what great farmers they are, too!  I make no secret about it, and that is that I’m the luckiest guy to have found them.

I will be so bold as to say that they are lucky lucky lucky to have found each other, too. Very lucky.  But on the other hand, probably luck has nothing to do with it.  If any of you would like to send cards, I will collect them and give them to them all at once.  It is unlikely that this will work, but will try to persuade them not to read this letter, so that any notes that I collect will be a surprise for them.  Just send it to them c/o Star Light/54 Fowler Ave./Durham, CT 06422.  As an afterthought, just  now, I talked to them and asked if they would just not read this weeks letter and they said yes.  We’ll see how far that goes!  So just send your cards of well wishes directly to me at Star Light and I’ll find the right time to give it to them.  You can email them-just use my email address:

In farm news, both new houses are up.  Not the best thing, but the closest thing to my heart is that with two new houses, I get to name them after the two grandchildren who didn’t have a house named after them before.  That would be Frida and Lulu.  They are beautiful structures and already have lots of amazing things growing in them.

Our last Cityseed Market this year will be December 12th.  The market goes till the following Saturday, but we thought with the wedding coming up that the 19th was just too close.  Things will be starting up again in January, so take heart.

As this year draws to a close, I have to say that its been a knock it out of the park year for Star Light.  But I’d trade all of it to get back the 260,000 and counting people who died because of the Covid-19.  I also, hold the President personally responsible for his ineptitude in handling the situation.  Handled differently, with better support, empathy and directives for safer ways for people to be in public,  many thousands would not have had to die. 

Thought I wasn’t going to say anything political this week, but just couldn’t help it.

Have a safe week.

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I’m Starting To Get Worried For Our Democracy And I’m Not The Only One

I can’t be the only one totally puzzled by the President.  The thing that I like about him, and in fact the only thing that I like about him is that he’s not afraid to act differently.  The only trouble is that his “differently” threatens our country’s democracy.  In spite of dozens of his law suits being thrown out of court because there’s no substance to any of them, he keeps persisting in the notion that he clearly won the election.  No matter that Democratic and Republican Secretaries of States have both assured the public that this has been the most thoroughly fair election in the country’s history.  Fraud and vote stealing-nope.  The peaceful and cooperative transferred of power is an essential hallmark of a safe democracy.  And yet, we’re not getting that.  Instead, only silence from the White House (but a ton of rounds of golf!) and a move to throw  the popular vote out in several states.  I just don’t get it.  The President doesn’t act like he want to do his job.  At the G-20 summit(virtual) the other day, he didn’t even stay till the end and instead left to go play golf, again.

The notion that the election was riddled with fraud is the real “fake news”.  I truly worry that we will all become skeptical of anything that we hear from now on.  Joe Bidden will have the worlds most difficult job-to unwind four years of the past administration ill advised changes, get American’s to finally act smart about Covid and lastly and equally scarry- get us out of this economic hole.  Yes, the economy is recovering, however it is important to point out that there are a million more jobs still lost than at the start of the ’08 Recession.  12million Americans, mostly POC are still out of work and likely to remain so without any help from Congress.  It was explained to me by the New York Times Economic Editor that these 12 million unemployed, if they remain that way for over six months, that their prospects of regaining their past level of economic status is dismal at best.  That would mean that as bad as things are for millions, it would probably be accurate to say that for most of them, they’ll never get economic stability.  This, to me, is staggering, unfair and needs immediate attention.  Won’t happen with the present Majority Leader.  Time and again, in economic stressful times like we’re experiencing right now, it has been shown that the best thing is to prop things up until they can right themselves.  The CARES Act was a good start, but now I feel that the Majority Leader is holding these people hostage, as Unemployment Benefits are going to disappear with the end of the year.

This week, we’ll have great things for you to help with your Thanksgiving Dinner  plans.  I know that it will all look different this year.   Please remember that we’re only doing one Farm Shed Day this week-Wednesday after 2pm.  No markets this week, at all.  Madison is now done for the season.  Cityseed will keep going, resuming on December 5th.  And also, a reminder that we can set up a delivery of your food thru Susie’s Smart Shop.  You can arrange that thru the online store.  Her selection is towards the end of the choices.  Its a light blue background, with Susie’s Smart Shop on it.

There’s still tomatoes to choose from and some of them are red, rather than green.  Green is almost an unlimited supply, and the ripe ones less so.  However, green tomatoes will ripen on the kitchen counter, too.

December will offer you delicious greens, sweet beyond all sensibility-so still no need to go off to Stop and Shop for much of your produce wants.

Thanksgiving for me, is the time to take note of what’s going on in our collective lives.  A time to know and be grateful for all the things that we have. And I don’t mean material things, but the spiritual things that we keep close to our hearts.  If there’s important things missing, and there usually are, there is still room to bring them in.  Not always doable in these stressful times, but sometimes trying helps.

Please stay safe and act smart.  Wear that mask when you’re out there.

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Darn Tough

Dear Good Eaters,

There’s a metaphor here, although I must confess as this letter is being started not totally positive whether its a good metaphor.  You’ll be the judge.  But let me tell you first where I’m going and you can see if I’m actually heading there or not.

I’m heading towards thinking about strong values and striving to get the job done right.  It applies not only to business (like Star Light) and now the huge task of getting the two sides of the political parties to figure out how to work together.  Or whether they’d rather just fight with each other and accomplish nothing

Ok.  A few moments ago I found a beautiful sock lying in the leaves in front of the shed.  Not a pair, just one sock  To my eyes, a beautiful sock because its  DARN TOUGH brand.  Made in Vermont and guaranteed for life.  This is not to be taken lightly.  A few years ago, I threw out all my socks and bought 8 pairs (not all at once) of a certain plain style that the Darn Tough company puts out.  No more sorting socks.  This is after what seems like a lifetime of sorting socks for my family.  Life got better after that.  Here’s the point.  The Darn Tough Company stands behind their product no matter what.  Star Light has taken that position since day one.  It didn’t seem like anything less than your satisfaction would do for us.  We might have messed up here and there, but by and large, if you’re not satisfied then whatever you purchased would be replaced or refunded.  Which ever you wanted.  This is how we’ll always operate.  Yes, getting money for our products is important to help pay our wages and help further build the business.  All true, but just as true is a belief that what goes out has to be Right (yes, with a capitol ‘R’!).

And that gets me to our new President.  He was not my first choice (maybe Warren or Sanders would have been first for me), but perhaps it is true that he was clearly electable.  President-elect Biden grew a lot during his candidacy, taking wisdom from all kinds of members of his party.  Not just Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, but more towards the center Dems from the House and Senate. 

Joe Biden learned how to get things done in the Senate.  It was the Senate that probably saved his life by the bi-partisan support network that surrounded him after the tragic death of his first wife and daughter.  So that is how he tries to get things done, by giving a bit here and taking a bit there.  That, actually is how it used to work before the bipartisan schism has become so wide that its become almost impossible to get anything done in government.  Somehow, people from both sides of the aisle need to learn how to work together.  Sure, I know they’ve been talking like this for quite a while, but now the stakes have become so high that if something different doesn’t happen, we’re all going to suffer.  Its like the house is on fire and all creatures need to work together to save to house or we’ll have nothing.

But, and this is a big one,  there are things that just can’t be compromised on.  Things that would cause racism to grow rather than be extinquished.  Same for sexism, agism and homophobic movements.   I’ve come to believe that besides the pro-Trump people who advocate for white supremacy, there are also good good  Trump people who want equity in the world.  I still don’t understand very well how they could feel that way and still vote for and support Trump, but still believe that their hearts are in the right place.  At least I hope so.  I really do.  I’m looking forward to being able to talk to some of those people who feel that way and try to understand what seems unexplainable to me now.  But I keep hoping.

Meanwhile, it is also my hope that everyone will recognize that this election was not tampered with.  It might have been the best election in history.  There are certainly many conspiracy theories about Russia, Cuba and Venezuela tampering with our system.  Virtually none of of it has been proven in any way.  Just like Hunter Biden’s computer-a fabrication.  Trump needs to conceed if only to help the Biden team get up to speed on international intelligence.  As the mayor of Philadelphia said to Trump,” Its time to put your big boy pants on and (admit the outcome of the election)”

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John said “All You Need is Love”

Dear Deserving And Empathetic People,

It all seems clear to me now- its all about love and just love.  For what seems like an eternity many of us shook our heads about the President, with new books and revelations of  unmistakable crimes of greed and impropriety where ever we turned.  For myself and many many of my friends, we’ve lived in a state of anxiety about what his actions might do and what might happen next.  Now, no more.  Or I should say after January 20th, no more.  Which is not to say that between now and then, there’s no telling what he might try to make sure that the Trump legacy is burned in our everyday life for a generation or more to come.  For some of you, the result of this election might be a disappointment.  And it is to you that I now turn my attention.

Inspite of the fact that I’ll never understand (but wish to so very much) the 70 million people who thought he was good for the country-now the fact remains that the USA is as divided as it had ever been before the Civil War.  So, as Joe Biden said, this is not going to be a Democrat administration but one that serves all citizens.  He’s got the will to make this happen, too.  Looking at what happens next like a Restoration can be helpful.  For my part, I think that everything from here on out is about love.  Love to all, Dem or Republican.  It is not at all clear how we go forward or how the US Senate will work with the newly elected President. (Infact, there’s plenty of evidence that Mitch McConnell will not be willing to work with the President-elect.) It is clear to me that there must be many core values between the two parties that must be identified.  The building is on fire and we all must figure out a way to put the fire out.  And right in the middle of all this is an essential and unmoveable fact- sexism, racism, fascism, and anti environmentalism will have no place to get a footing in the new order.  We can talk about all else and look for ways to provide equity, a way to have decent affordable healthcare and immediately start repairing our very wounded environment.  We can do all this.  Really, there’s nothing we can’t do if there’s a will (or almost nothing).

My hope is that there’s a smooth transition of power in January and that between then and now, the Presidents actions won’t be so terrible that I’ll be drawn to comment on them.  Not that my comments will effect the ultimate outcome!  Concurrently with that, I plan to talk with and understand and figure out what will help people work together.  My own efforts are small compared to what’s got to happen, but maybe if more and more people tried to work together we just might have something there.  I can hope, right?  And its all based in a circle of love.  More than ever, we’ve all got to show love to one another in order to make for a better world. John L. said it all:”All you need is love….”

Now let’s talk about food.  We’re full of green tomatoes.  As I said last week, they are a gem that needs to be explored.  Fried Green Tomatoes, Green Tomato Pie, Picadelli and on and on.  Here’s a website to give you more ideas.  I recommend them, alot.