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December Snow and One to Go

The thing about December (especially with an inch or so of snow on the ground), is that one can easily forget it is still fall and winter hasn’t even started. December’s shorter days are good to us, yes the daily tasks that come with animals and two locations still exist, but there is a healthy amount of down time. Time for friends, family, pets and the season. The thing about time is that in many ways it depends on perspective. Age, time of year, urgency, all these things effect the idea of how much time we have. The down time and leisure are great, but we must not get complacent because the time to start, plant, prep transplant, repeat is never too far away. Time is funny in that way. This week will be the last full pick up week of 2022. We have one more cityseed New Haven Market this Saturday the 17th. Next week there will be only one pick up day Wednesday the 21st. This will be the last pick up of 2022. It has truly been a wonderful year, Thank you all so much.

Speaking of a great year we will be putting together a little year in review for next week. We want to share with you what we really loved this year. Highlighting some of the good and not so good outcomes of the season. If there is something in particular you have enjoyed this year and want to share it with others. Write us and we will do our best to include it next week.

December is both beautiful, tough. As a grower there can be a strange helpless feeling in that Mother Nature is truly running the show. The cold, the lack of light, these are facts of life for now. The chickens are also sensitive to time and light. I’m sure many of you are missing their eggs . Purchased last year from another farm they are reaching year two of production. For chickens especially the breed we have this is usually their useful life. In addition to that they molt this time of year a process which further effects egg production. We do plan to get 50 new birds this winter and will keep the older chickens around as long as possible as part of more closed loop fertility system. In the mean time we no longer need extra egg cartons, until we begin selling again.

Have a great week

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