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Darn Tough

Dear Good Eaters,

There’s a metaphor here, although I must confess as this letter is being started not totally positive whether its a good metaphor.  You’ll be the judge.  But let me tell you first where I’m going and you can see if I’m actually heading there or not.

I’m heading towards thinking about strong values and striving to get the job done right.  It applies not only to business (like Star Light) and now the huge task of getting the two sides of the political parties to figure out how to work together.  Or whether they’d rather just fight with each other and accomplish nothing

Ok.  A few moments ago I found a beautiful sock lying in the leaves in front of the shed.  Not a pair, just one sock  To my eyes, a beautiful sock because its  DARN TOUGH brand.  Made in Vermont and guaranteed for life.  This is not to be taken lightly.  A few years ago, I threw out all my socks and bought 8 pairs (not all at once) of a certain plain style that the Darn Tough company puts out.  No more sorting socks.  This is after what seems like a lifetime of sorting socks for my family.  Life got better after that.  Here’s the point.  The Darn Tough Company stands behind their product no matter what.  Star Light has taken that position since day one.  It didn’t seem like anything less than your satisfaction would do for us.  We might have messed up here and there, but by and large, if you’re not satisfied then whatever you purchased would be replaced or refunded.  Which ever you wanted.  This is how we’ll always operate.  Yes, getting money for our products is important to help pay our wages and help further build the business.  All true, but just as true is a belief that what goes out has to be Right (yes, with a capitol ‘R’!).

And that gets me to our new President.  He was not my first choice (maybe Warren or Sanders would have been first for me), but perhaps it is true that he was clearly electable.  President-elect Biden grew a lot during his candidacy, taking wisdom from all kinds of members of his party.  Not just Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, but more towards the center Dems from the House and Senate. 

Joe Biden learned how to get things done in the Senate.  It was the Senate that probably saved his life by the bi-partisan support network that surrounded him after the tragic death of his first wife and daughter.  So that is how he tries to get things done, by giving a bit here and taking a bit there.  That, actually is how it used to work before the bipartisan schism has become so wide that its become almost impossible to get anything done in government.  Somehow, people from both sides of the aisle need to learn how to work together.  Sure, I know they’ve been talking like this for quite a while, but now the stakes have become so high that if something different doesn’t happen, we’re all going to suffer.  Its like the house is on fire and all creatures need to work together to save to house or we’ll have nothing.

But, and this is a big one,  there are things that just can’t be compromised on.  Things that would cause racism to grow rather than be extinquished.  Same for sexism, agism and homophobic movements.   I’ve come to believe that besides the pro-Trump people who advocate for white supremacy, there are also good good  Trump people who want equity in the world.  I still don’t understand very well how they could feel that way and still vote for and support Trump, but still believe that their hearts are in the right place.  At least I hope so.  I really do.  I’m looking forward to being able to talk to some of those people who feel that way and try to understand what seems unexplainable to me now.  But I keep hoping.

Meanwhile, it is also my hope that everyone will recognize that this election was not tampered with.  It might have been the best election in history.  There are certainly many conspiracy theories about Russia, Cuba and Venezuela tampering with our system.  Virtually none of of it has been proven in any way.  Just like Hunter Biden’s computer-a fabrication.  Trump needs to conceed if only to help the Biden team get up to speed on international intelligence.  As the mayor of Philadelphia said to Trump,” Its time to put your big boy pants on and (admit the outcome of the election)”

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