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Dancing in the Rain

To be honest probably more like slipping, falling, getting wet and muddy in the rain. What’s that old saying careful what you wish for cause you might just get it in heaps. It’s certainly safe to say that there are quite a few farmers across New England that are feeling this way. It’s been one hot and dry summer and we can only imagine all the rain dances that have been taking place. Yet while we have wished for a gentle light rain overnight with some cloudy cool days in between, what we have gotten is not quite the case. But beggars can’t be choosers so we will certainly take what we can get(as if we have a choice). So for now we’ll hold out hope for our young transplants in the field that the rain will stay light and end early, while we take advantage of the rainy days to prep our covered spaces and stay as dry as one can on such a day.

There are definitely a few important things to keep in mind this week. First off is the mention of somethings that have ended for the season, our attending of the Durham Farmer’s market and home delivery. As you may have found the home delivery option has been removed from our online store, if this changes you will hear from us. This week is the last Durham Farmer’s market before the break for the Durham Fair. Traditionally, we don’t return for the October markets due to time constrains(dwindling light and the need to plant). This year is no different except we must miss this last week for a Wedding flowers commitment. Which brings us to another important bit of info. Flowers will be in short supply this week as a result. There still should be some at the markets but if you really want to be sure reach out to us. And though it might seem that a rainy day would be an ideal time to sit by the computer and write, that is unfortunately not the case. That planting schedule and the fleeting daylight hours are calling us to task.

Have a great week

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