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Covid Covid Covid

Not too long along, when we had the former President in the news all day every day, he was quoted as saying something like “covid covid covid, that’s all I heard about these days” as if it was a nasty mosquito that never quits and is always around. The context, in my opinion, implied that why aren’t people talking about me (the President). This was, of course, a misdirected and dangerous view of the priorities at that moment. The trouble was that the President thought that if the press isn’t talking about him, then its wasting its time. We now see so clearly that this was an abuse of power. His insane drive to keep the news feed about him cost lives simply because he minimized the threat and danger of the virus. Weak and pathetic. Oh and transparent, too. And yet, not everyone saw it that way. Think of all the masses of people who attended “unmasked” rallies and other super spreader events, headless of the obvious danger of such behaviors. Truly, there are times when I contemplate what this period is going to look like to subsequent generations and know that they’ll say “What were they thinking?”

The former President (and you’ll note my reluctance to actually put a name to him-mostly because I don’t want to contribute to any more press time for him) had, as his guiding principle, the notion that politics aren’t nearly as important as making sure of taking care of Number One. Allegiance to him was imperative. Looking out for the welfare of the planet was not on his radar screen. We’ll be feeling the effects of his “me first” attitude for generations to come, I fear.

Which brings me around to my experience yesterday at a rally in New Britain in support of making sure the undocumented are being taken care of in the same manner as US citizens. CIRC (Connecticut Immigrant and Refugee Coalition ) sponsored the event. There, I heard sad, tragic and unfathomably unfair stories about Undocumented Immigrants being refused medical treatment because of their status. The situations just boiled my core. After all, most of us are either immigrants or children (or grandchildren) of immigrants. We got our place in the sun, so does that mean done and finished? By the way, economist have shown over and over again that the value that the economy gets from people who are undocumented is essential and of real worth.

Seeing those among us who believe that its important to supportour Undocumented brothers and sisters, stands in deep deep contrast to the former President (well, at least I’m capitalizing the name of the office!). The list of his “me first” items is long and deep. We need more people who think that its imperative to work for the greater good.

So, I will leave this thread for now, and at the same time tell you that I look forward to talking about affordable housing in our town. Soon. This, I promise, will be a flashpoint for those among us, who feel threaten by the idea that we, as a town, could have people of lesser means (meaning potentially POC) live on our street or around the corner. More to come. Just a thread about many of us who wish for our actions to translate to a bigger good. I’ve developed a theory- anything that we do that wasn’t in the former Presidents repertoire is probably a good thing. Right. A bold and easily refuted statement. I could probably blow holes in it myself. Still, I’ll let it stand as something to think about.

And then there’s our beautiful farm. Check out our Instagram Page, lots of great pictures, including sugaring season video and a planting video with our paper pot planter that will knock your socks off. Well, it does for me. It would only take one quick afternoon of transplanting the old fashion way to know that the paper pot planter has revolutionized the world of transplanting on the small sustainably run farm. Check it out.

Supplies are almost perfect. My prediction is that the sold out label is much less likely to show up now. And think ahead to your own gardens, where we can supply you with vegetable and herb starts. Our nursery is teaming with potential right now. Teaming.

Oh, two last thoughts. One, we’re on the edge of planting our first tomatoes in Sven Greenhouse (named after my grandson number 3). Early early April is how it looks from here. Oh happy day. The second thing is Big Bad Truck. We’ve really stepped up our game by this new purchase. On market days, I’ve watched how Joel somehow figures out how to fit more than is imaginable in our Red Ford Transit. And even then, we’ve had to send Jen is a second car. No more. Big Bad Truck is at least twice the size of the RFT. By the way, Bad, in this case, is a good thing.

Oh, another thing. (They just keep popping up!). Carrots. For dinner last night, I included carrot thinnings. Sure, the carrots themselves were a tad small, but the greens were delicious as were the carrots themselves. They’re going to be ready for Mother’s Day. I’ll wager that there aren’t going to be an earlier carrot in all of New England. We are ok with being first.

Have a great week. Enjoy our food-its so easy.



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