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Couldn’t Have Done it Without You

Seasons come and season go but as a four season farm it can be hard to find a way to mark “the end” of a season. For many years now there’s just been the three of us (Joel, Jen, and David), maybe the wintery pancakes were the end, maybe finishing the garlic planting was what did it. Maybe the reality is there really is no end, just beginnings of a slower paced time of year. Looking back I’m not sure we ever really had time to stop and savior the slow season. A small farm we may be but it’s still certainly big enough to keep us busy. However, this year feels different. Although we had a micro crew in 2021, this year we actually had full blown farm crew. It has been SO nice to have so many extra hands helping us out, we actually have time now to slow down and appreciate the quite nature of late fall and winter. Last week was the end of the season with our crew, giving us a true marker for the shift to slow season. We topped off the  season with an employee appreciation harvest feast last night. So it is with full hearts and full bellies that we reflect on their hard work and share with you about our season together.

Lydia worked with us a bit last year, and somehow, knowing what she was getting into she was ready to come back for more. She started the season off with us in March helping us get ready for plant sale and opening up the fields after their long winter nap. Next came Isa and Sam, in April. After many many plant-a-thons, carrot weeding, tomato pruning and greenhouse flipping we felt like we were set up to have a great summer. Then in July, Isa met Lindsay out in New Haven and brought her to the farm to help us round out the crew, like the missing piece to a puzzle. With the full crew in place it felt like nothing could stop us, not even the oppressive heat waves of the July and August.

2022 Farm Crew
Sam (+his partner Jess), Isa, Lindsay (+her partner Dan), and Lydia

If you are reading this we probably don’t have to tell you that farming is hard work, but in this photo you are looking at some really hard workers. There were days were the ‘to-do’ list felt like it would certainly run into the next day and almost always we’d manage to finish. But it wasn’t just their extra labor that made the difference on the farm. Sometimes farming is hard because of the slowness. It was during those slow, tedious moments that having everyone’s company and conversation made the difference. It was such a pleasure to have different perspectives, different energies, and different voices and laughter out in the fields. I’d like to think that even though it was hard work, it was also a lot of fun, for us anyway… Either way, to our crew: to say we couldn’t do it without you is an understatement, thank you so much for everything!

Now Lydia is off to Australia for a year on a work visa to learn more about farming and to travel with her long term/ long distance boyfriend. Isa, who juggled studying as well as farming is now a registered nurse and studying Midwifery. Lindsay is off educating the youth about climate issues and sustainability, as well as performing with her band Mother Juniper (keep an eye out New Haven people). We wish these ladies the best of luck with all of their adventures and endeavors! We are glad to say that Sam will be sticking with us this winter and gearing up to take on even more responsibilities at Star Light next Spring. He’s a jack of all trades, when he’s not farming he’s explore his other passions of photography, craftsmanship, music and sports. We look forward to his continued contributions to our little farm family.

Have a great week and Happy Halloween!

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