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Back to 3

This week we kick Market Season into full gear(almost) with the start of our third weekly market. Making it’s return this Thursday from 3-630 is the Durham Farmers’ Market. This year there will be a change in location after the initial first two opening markets. The first two weeks will be on the town green as in past years. Following that the market will move just down the road to the New Community Center. With more adequate parking, facilities and sharing a location with the summer concert series we have high hopes for this new location. We look forward to the return of our hometown market and hope to see you there.

Speaking of seeing, we have noticed the weather forecast is predicting lows on Wednesday Night to approach 39-40 in our central CT location. Nothing to be overly concerned about if you have already planted hotter weather crops outside. Extra peace of mind can come in the form of a little crop protection such as some burlap or a light blanket, just remember to adequately support the weight of any cover that could squish your plants. If you haven’t planted yet these temps are a good excuse to put it off a few more days, continuing to acclimate plants to there new location. As always feel free to reach out with any questions.

This week we are also adding cucumber plants to the website and will be bringing them to market. The plant sale is ramping up to it’s peak with the last repottings of tomatoes, cukes and squash being mere days away. We of course will have plants for the next month or more however varieties will run low or sell out, something to keep in mind. Our 10 plants for 50 sale will be happening as long as we have plants. Just choose the 10 for 50 item on the shop and email us your choices from what is currently available online.

Despite the cool night on the horizon and yes lack of rain, the weather has been good to us. We will have the crew out in full force tomorrow, with beets, choys, potatoes, ginger and turmeric going into the ground. Maybe onions too if we get our acts together enough today to prep that area. This season has really been off to a great start both on farm and at the markets. The combination of a great crew and you the fantastic Good Food people has made the long days and dirty work pass by with ease. Seeing the regular names on the orders we put together at the farm and seeing those familiar faces at the markets is like getting a recharge. We can’t thank you enough and we are honored to grow for you.

Have a great week.

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  1. Good to know Durham market is moving to a more convenient location!

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